Barbara Walters is a Freak!


In the midst of all the old school sex tape news, here is one where I pray to the baby Jesus hoping that there is no video tape evidence of this tryst.

Barbara Walters is trying to sell her new book and in order to try to make anyone give a damn she dropped this bombshell on the unsuspecting American public. Barbara Walters said she had an affair with Edward Brooke, a Republican Senator from Massachusetts. I know, I know…you still don’t care. And neither did I, that is why this story didn’t show up last week. Then I did some research, and wait a damn minute…

Edward Brooke is a brother. Damn Barbara, when you cross it over, you cross it all the way over don’t you? This was in the 70’s? Barbara described the experience as “exciting”, we know Barbara, that why all the white girls say when they take their first run with a brother. Barbara says she was “infatuated” with the married Brooke. Once again, we know infatuation is code for “once you go Black you can’t go Back”. Hey, respect to Barbara for getting down with a Black man just a few years after the end of the Civil Rights Movement.

My question is for Edward Brooke. Now I’ve only seen old Barbara, was Bambi Walters “cheatin’ material” back in the day?

IIIIIIIIIoooooooon’t know bout that right there player. Sure, she was on national tv. She was a trailblazer for women in the news. I’m sure all of those things are very attractive, but she looks about the same then as she does now. Come on Ed, the 70’s had a lot of hot, famous chicks. What about Wonder Woman? Farrah Fawcett? Daisy Duke? And that’s just if you wanted to go with the white girls. Don’t get me started on Pam Grier and Thelma from Good Times. You got options brother. You went Meredith Viera when you coulda gone Pam Oliver, nahmsayin’?

Meanwhile, Edward Brooke hasn’t said a word about the whole thing. You know the crack staff as Us Versus Them tracked him down for the exclusive interview.

UvT: Ed, how do you feel about Barbara Walters bringing up old shit?

Edward Brooke:

Who said what?

UvT: Barbara Walters said you hit that…

Ed: Sheeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiit. No comment.

I feel you Ed, I wouldn’t own up to that either.


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8 Responses to “Barbara Walters is a Freak!”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    Brock, Lake, can you get the interns to run through the archives there at the UvT corporate headquarters and let us know if she had that speech impediment BEFORE her mic checks with the senator? I’m just curious.

    On the real, I find Barbara’s motivation to air her ancient granny panties NOW, when no one cares, instead of THEN, when it was going down and may have been more of a benefit to society, wack. Then again, if you’re bangin a married dude you need to keep that on the low. Won’t catch me out there with dem homewreckers and their notepads.

  2. BillyWarhol Says:


    I love Pam Grier**********


  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Kir is a bad mofo… That speech impediment AFTER those mic checks….just too good. LOL. Lord, that has me rollin. Classic.

    I have to agree with Brock here. If the Black Republican (huh?) from Mass (what?) was going to go Gov. Patterson on his lady, there were plenty of different ways he could have gone. The thing is, back then, it wasn’t a kiss and tell time. It was a kiss and whisper time. Sheeyut, this dude might have been slaying Olivia Newton John, Jackie O or all three of Charlie’s Angels. You never know.

  4. KIR in NV Says:

    Not to go all “social commentary” on my peeps here at UvT as I do recognize what the constraints of the times were. However, people in positions of influence, power or respect – arguments that could be made for Babs and the senator in this case – have opportunities to effect changes on society. In this case, going public with their relationship as it occurred (had there not been the *tiny* complication of his marriage) may have brought some measure of acceptance towards interracial relationships earlier in the game. It would have at least stirred some dialog.

    From what little I’ve read about her book, it’s my understanding that Barbara kept the relationship on the low because she feared it (the interracial aspect) would harm her career. That really disgusts me. But then again, she was shagging a married man so I guess I can’t really expect that she would champion any social causes based on her moral compass (sarcasm intended).

  5. ODB Says:

    There is not one single thing that is sexy about Babba WahWah.. She’s from that old era where people wanted these chicks to look homely. Now it’s all tits and ass if you’re coming up new. The media is a mutherfucker.

  6. Tele Envision Says:

    I’d hit Barbara just to say I did. Sometimes you just gotta do shit like that for the experience. Like when I tagged the narly power forward on our women’s basketball team. It gave me hoops jokes for 2 years straight. Bulky athletic ass aint all it’s cracked up to be though. I don’t recommend it.

  7. Will Says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! YO!!! Why the hell was Barbara Walters STILL OLD when she was young? Reminds me of an episode of ‘The Sopranos’….
    lmao – but ay, good look on the Daisy Dukes and Pam Grier – Lawd ha’mucy!!

  8. Pip Says:

    I think it is a bit pathetic of her to confess now, seeing as the man was married and has children, even though they may be adults now. His wife I believe was an Italian he met during the war. Even though Baba says he did not have a problem with her revelation, is she that willing to embarass his children and their mother? Forget the race issue for a minute, how about a bit human decency.

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