Say what you want, I still Like Lindsay


I’m a big Lindsay Lohan fan. I mean, the nose candy, that freckled-out skin, the J game, the rotating hair color, that alleged super healthy sex drive, that J game….

Oh yes, Lindsay is alright with me. I just want to get my party on with her. You know the babe knows how to have a good time. Anyway, I just read that Lindsay is going to be on Ugly Betty, a show I’ve never watched, primarily because of the name. I mean, why in the hell would I want to deal with some chick that’s ugly and it aint like “Betty” is some hot sexy ass name to begin with, so you know the babe aint right. Now, if it were Ugly Tatiana or Ugly Ava, that might be just the kind of play on words that gets a nilla’s juices flowing. But I’m fairly certain that Ugly Betty is just, well, ugly or “pretty for being ugly,” yall know how women like to do that. Just like Aaliyah was ugly for being pretty, until she was just pretty or as many of you ladies said, “just ok” or “not that pretty” whatever that means..haters. Anyway, I guess the show is about some teenager and Ms. Lo-han is getting started early with this cheerleader meets terrible prom dress inspired dress.

I’m not so sure about that one and don’t tell me that the poof dress is “in” for this season either. Anyway, Lohan is back to blond and I like it.

Ahh, that vacant look that I enjoy so much. And no I won’t be watching Ms. Lohan on this Busted Betty season finale either. Why would I watch her there when I can just watch her right here.

– Lake

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3 Responses to “Say what you want, I still Like Lindsay”

  1. Will Says:

    Shame u cats slept on ‘Ugly Betty’ – i got two words for ya’ll..

    ANA. ORTIZ. peep immediately, thank me later.

  2. RosyF Says:

    Will, I have to disagree. The show is an hour long that’s too much time to invest in a “dramedy” for a few glimpses of Senorita Fat Booty. Now if it were on HBO…then there might be more to the investment.

  3. ODB Says:

    I’d do her in a nano second… well, I’d take long to do her, but you get my drift. HOT HOT HOT. Oh and Ana Ortiz is SMOKING hot!!!! She’s next.

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