Guam Represent! Barack Wins!


My man Barack Obama just won Guam by a clean seven votes. Hell yeah to those seven people. You just saved us from Hillary extrapolating some ridiculous claim of superiority based on Guam. The worst part, those 4,500 votes in Guam count more than anything done in Michigan and Florida.

What do you call people from Guam, anyway? Guamanians? Guamish? Guamamammas? Guamericans?

Whatever, shout out to the Guelsh for holding it down.


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3 Responses to “Guam Represent! Barack Wins!”

  1. Will Says:

    I knew some ‘Guamese’ lived in Seattle…they went by ‘Chumarian’ or Chumarron…something like that

  2. loomisnews Says:

    hmmm…. why can’t Hillary carry the Guam vote? Clearly, another nail in her coffin (if there’s space for anymore).

    What will be her spin — are Guamians misogynst, or just prejudiced against Bubbas? Or are they just un-American?

    I can see her commercial now — denouncing the Guam caucuses as dominated by a bunch of papaya-juice drinking elitists who can’t roll a coconut straight.

  3. mrod Says:

    Lol. Mrod love to Guam.

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