Ronaldo v. Ronaldo


I’m a big soccer fan and my favorite national side is Brazil, so when I heard that my main man Ronaldo got busted for whoring it up with three prostitutes he later found out were DUDES, I was pretty hurt up.

I guess homey left the club all jacked up on something and had all three. Then, somehow, he either came to his senses or “learned” that they were all trannied out so he hit the eject button with a $300 payout to each of the “guys”. Only, one of them wasn’t having it. THIS “punk” wanted $20,000 to keep quiet.

Ronaldo refused and keep quiet he errr she eeer it did not. Now my man is in hiding, which make sense and this man-ho-thing has all his documents. Daaaamn, don’t you hate when that happens?

Sheeyut, even Roger Clemens thinks aRa fucked this one up. On a brighter note, another Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo that is, from Portugal, has righted the soccer universe with his current choice in lady.

Yessir. Can we get a second angle on that?

And my sources in Europe tell me that’s all natural gentlemen. Don’t count the Euros out just yet.

– Lake

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