Famous DUIs: Tony La Russa


Maaaayne, I don’t know if any of you have ever been pulled over after a few, but I have. I mean, I’ve never been pulled when I was drunk, but I’ve literally been pulled over after drinking two drinks. Only, when the cop asks you “have you had something to drink and if so, how many?” and your response is “yes, officer, I had two”. I mean, you just sound like THAT drunk ass cat who either 1. knows damn well that he’s drunk as shit and is just holding on to a shred of hope that the sorry “two” answer will give him a sympathy ride home or a “I’ll follow your drunk ass home” play from the cop or 2. is so drunk that he really couldn’t tell the difference between two or the twenty he actually consumed. Anyway, I literally did just have two, so I didn’t feel good at all. But hey, homey let me go and I was happy, scared straight and taking cabs from there on out. Anyway, with the proliferation of the cop cams, you can now see cats and their DUI debacles close up. Here is Tony La Russa, manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, pissy drunk doing everything other than what ole boy did yesterday in that hilarious DUI video.

What’s interesting about this cat is that he didn’t pull that “Do you know who I am” line. Damn, you just hate to see a cat get nabbed for a DUI, even worse having a cat get killed because of some drunken fool though.

– Lake

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