A New Drug In The Battle Against Negative Arse


Okay, not really. But someone in some company’s marketing department needs a swift ass whoopin’. The drug is called AcipHex. Cute right? Let’s see, that would be a soft “c” and the “ph” makes a “f” sound. Go ahead saw it out loud. It sounds like “Ass Effects”. And they run commercials on television.

Hey I hope it works, it is supposed to fight acid reflux, but if it works like it’s name sounds, I can think of a lot of people who need a prescription quickly. Peep the commercial:

Now I know these actors knew good and well they were saying Ass Effects. The funny thing? This is the one ad that doesn’t have side effects listed at the end of the commercial. AcipHex may cause swollen butt cheeks, dropping it like it’s hot, and you may develop the opportunity to pop one butt cheek at a time.

Young Brock approves.

Maybe they can rock the Proactiv style testimonials with celebrity endorsements.

Rihanna before:

Dr. Brock diagnoses a bad case of Nassatall. Please take two tablets of AcipHex and call me in the morning.

Rihanna After:

You just have to be careful not to take too much at once. Nicole Richie came in with a bad case of negative arse.

I don’t even need to look around the corner to know there isn’t anything there.  So I guess she tried to take the whole bottle at once…

Yikes…that was not the desired effect.

Ladies if you need help in the battle against negative ass, call Dr. Hardon.  Ass Effects can solve all your problems.  It can either be administered orally or injected at the site.


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