When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Vacation Style


We’ve all been on those cultural vacations or events where we just want to jump in the action. Like, if you go to Brazil during carnival, you just gotta get in there and rock that Capoeira dance, right? Sure, but you never do because inherently you just know that a loss is somewhere close by….just waiting around the corner. Well, this video is proof positive of that fact. I don’t care what level of shake you think you have, don’t try to do what the natives do. Just let it be, lest you end up like this chick.

Awww, now see. That was just terrible. I did enjoy when ole boy dropped that flying people’s elbow on her though. Maaaaayne, I’m not trying to be that guy, but what’s really going on with some of these wild Caribbean dance events? I mean, I know I don’t understand and I couldn’t, but you couldn’t even bang a chick out with the moves these cats are doing. They did everything but shoot the babe. That was awful and by awful I mean awesome. Baby girl, you have some shake, you got a lil slow wine, but leave the beach antics to the locals. Thanks.

– Lake

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4 Responses to “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Vacation Style”

  1. Be On It Says:

    Oh my! Almost worth the $3 coffee that sprayed my screen.

    I know this is bad, but I remember HS dance parties back in Detroit where dudes used to do girls like that. Every girl knew to obey the following rules when going to one of those parties:

    1. If you were really going to dance, full coverage drawers and pants that could not be easily removed or pulldown were necessities. Anything else and you would quickly be labeled a h@e and could kiss a respectable boyfriend goodbye.
    2. Think like a pack of zebras: They stay in groups, and run together at the first hint of danger. If you didn’t have a gang of girls with you, that were down for you and would keep the group protection first and foremost, your @ss was thrown to the wolves ie. dance floor where the dry humping would commence.
    3. Know who the marauding dry humpers were. If they’re in a dance group, on a HS football team, or a hanger on of the above, they are the likely suspects. Stay away from them at all times.
    4. Finally, if you did happen to accidentally get caught in some mess, then be strategic about your exit. Fighting only encourages more exorbitant humping, so wait until you have an opening, then get out of there likety split.

  2. KIR in NV Says:

    Damn Be, you should write a book about some of the ish you’ve seen! I wanted to believe this type of activity had not permeated the States but I guess not. So what kind of industrial strength pants were those? Some Sears Huskys for Girls? Can’t imagine trying to get your groove on in some crisp slacks like that…better safe than scandalized though.

  3. Be On It Says:

    KIR, chile, I know you remember the Guess jeans! Maybe not in your neck of the woods, but they were BIG in the D. Since they were cut for um, girls with negative arse, you could just get a slightly stretchy pair that fit your waist and clung for dear life to everything else. Those pants were safety and groove approved.

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