Hulkamania Running Wild


Man, I guess I have to semi reverse myself on my Roger Clemens rule with regard to “young girl”. Because after looking at this shady eye on that Hulk-a-maniac the rule may be “Nobody go around any young thang, daughter or not”…geez:

I know, I know it’s daughter and dad, it’s summer, it’s wholesome…that is, until pops start lubing up some Brooke Hogan ass.

Look, my pale ass is all for getting my SPF on and clearly the Hulkster knows a thing or 50 about tanning, but come on. Get the babe next door to slather on that body butter. It just aint right.

Even this cat doesn’t get it.

Me neither player, me neither.

– Lake

2 Responses to “Hulkamania Running Wild”

  1. Kam Says:

    LOL !!! Dude you are a nut ( no Kanye) seriously one of the funniest blog writers out there.

  2. KIR in NV Says:

    Blech…I just threw up in my mouth. We can do without this type of story. You owe me 2 retinas Lake.

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