Damn: Jimi Hendrix Has A Sex Tape


Dude, when I asked the Sex Tape gods for another installment, this isn’t exactly what I was expecting. Jeez. Now even cats who have been dead for 40 years have a sex tape. Perfect.

Now I don’t know how I feel about sex tapes featuring famous men. One famous man tape I would like to see is that Hugh Heffner tape. First of all, you know there are like 58 of them out there and each tape has to have a minimum of 4 babes in there. And then you know Hugh has the “famous babes I hit” tapes too. Oh well, I can’t tell you I won’t check out the Jimi tape. Maybe that will snap me into why so many of you out there love the guy so much. See, I never really got the whole “I wanna rock” thing, so Jimi is just another cat to me.

I did like it when he burned up that guitar and then asked it to come to him, though. That was hot.


One Response to “Damn: Jimi Hendrix Has A Sex Tape”

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