Throw Some D’s on that Chick: Part II


It’s been a while since I dropped the theme music on a post.  Go on ahead and click here:

I usually tell you not to watch my theme music drops, but that joint is actually hilarious.

Remember Sara Stokes?  From Diddy’s first Making the Band experiment Da Band?  You know the chick who said her voice was “touched by God”.

You know, cute girl…out of Detroit…overbearing boyfriend.  Well, apparently something else has just been touched by God.  And by God I mean a plastic surgeon with a heavy hand.

I guess it was time for the solo career and raw talent isn’t enough.  You need to have the total package these days and someone has decided that rocking some huge J’s is the solution to that problem.  That is go hard or go home if I’ve ever seen it. 

I wonder if she can do pushups when she can balance only on the tips of her toes and those J’s.  My word.



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