The Only Thing Right with American Idol This Year: Syesha Mercado


I’ve been fairly disappointed with American Idol this year. Don’t get me wrong, the show has gotten worse and worse each year for about three years in a row now. But at least last year we had some scandals and the terrible ass Sanjaya train wreck to look forward to. This year we’ve got nothing.

Yeah, fundamentally all these people can sing, but that little gay guy with the lipstick would be better off trying out for my Middle School rendition of Oliver! than try to sell records these days. I mean, what genre will this cat be in? Contemporary Adult Bitchassness? In fact, that classic song “Who Will Buy” is perfectly suited for this little cat.

I mean, on the rizzeal, who will buy this cat’s album? Really, he’s just a less ridiculous, slightly more talented version of Sanjaya. Anyway, my tivo still picks Idol up, so I tuned in last night and let me tell you… this Syesha Mercado, she was great. She did this sultry song in this red dress and it was just about exactly what I needed. I mean, she sounded and looked grrrrreat!

For some strange reason she looks like Tila Tequila right there. Anyway, it got me looking for her. The babe definitely has some things going on. She can show a little finesse with some style.

(Oh yes, stylish, sporty, mid section right, J game time. I like it. The only negative is that I’m fairly certain that you can’t wear those pants and have an ass of any significance, they look good from the front though.)

Get her KFC kids meal leg game on.

Or even hit you with that Badu-esque, interpretational stomach out head wrap joint, because you know, you gotta keep things conscious, right?

Only, I’m not so sure about that wild hair all the time. I mean, when it’s on, it’s on. But sometimes, it seems like she’s hooking up that Tracy Chapman special (see the legs out pic above) or worse yet, that Ziggy Marley “Tomorrow People” look.

Hey, I try not to have too many hang ups, but I do like a woman with a respectable wig game. You gotta keep the locks looking right. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want anybody around me thinking they’re actually prettier than me and not everyone can have my crop of hair, I get that, but at least show me an effort. I’d say Syesha makes the grade a clean 85% of the time. She does have those, well, bohemian moments though. Hey, if you’re gonna keep it bohemian, I’m with that. But just make that shit salon boho, not searching for a cigarette butt, spark the ism boho. That earthy shit aint gonna work ’round here.

– Lake

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4 Responses to “The Only Thing Right with American Idol This Year: Syesha Mercado”

  1. Lil Big Man Says:

    Syesha is soooooooo sexy. She needs that hair pulled.

  2. God Body Says:

    Yes indeed, American Idol needs some more sexy chicks like this one. Those legs, chest and breasts. Stunning. And her man is a sucker too. Saw a picture of him. Looked like one of those terrible characters from Grand Theft Auto Liberty City.

  3. Be On It Says:


    You gotta have love for the natural hair! I’m not trading in my wavy-kinky-curly for a lacefront, some tracks, or any other extension. If I wasnt’ born with it, I don’t believe in paying good money to get it (except for braces to get the pearly whites in order).

    And what does “make an effort” mean? Do you actually know how difficult it is to maintain natural hair? It takes more time, effort, and money than all those ladies w/ with the long flowing locks. Think about that the next time you ponder your silk jheri curl or Vietnamese revert-to-the-fro chemical treatment.

  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    Be, I do love natural hair. I only use juices and berries on mine.

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