Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love Review


Ok, honestly, this show isn’t that bad.

Yeah, it’s definitely contrived and a bit unrealistic, but so is Run’s House, right? Only Deion & Pilar have something that Reverend Run just can’t compete with: Pilar Biggers Sanders.

Dammit is Pilar Sanders fine as she wants to be? Yes she is. On the real, people talk about MILFs, well I don’t know of any actual MILFs out there. That is until I saw Pilar. My word, this chick is just bad (and that’s not bad meaning bad that’s bad meaning good)!

And that crazy stomach is after three children, too. Also, hey, I love Deion. I can’t lie. Most of what Deion says, I like. Every since “Must be the Money” I was done. This cat literally had me at “When I signed on the dotted line, in ’89….” and my favorite line “they tell me Deion, don’t let money change you..and I say, nah, don’t let money change YOU, because monay changed everythang…changed my address, my phone number, my snake skin shoes gonna turn into gator shoes..” Deion is the best. In fact, let’s just run that video right here for old time sake.

Man. Seriously, put yourself back in 1992. Deion is literally the best defensive player in the league, he’s balling in the World Series and rocking a fucked up jheri curl.

I mean, can you imagine the copious amounts of arse this cat was collecting? Making dollar signs in the dirt before he batted, high stepping interceptions at the 50 with a man still pursuing him.  Deion had it all. And now he’s got Pilar. Boy, life must be good.

Of course it can’t all be good. As usual, there is a fair amount of hatin going on. People saying that Pilar is a gold digger. That she first got with Johnny Morton, then Wesley Snipes, then LL Cool J and then Neon Deion Sanders. Hey, guess what, I don’t give a fuuuuck.

I like the show, I like Pilar and Deion is an entertaining cat. I’ll leave the deep commentary about the verisimilitude of their All-American life to the boo birds on the message boards. Until then, give me Pilar or give me reality tv death.

– Lake

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5 Responses to “Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love Review”

  1. Will Says:

    Lake, well said, dun! my sentiments EXACTLY.

    Prime Time is mos def on the All-Time Greatest Niccas list. (yes there is such a list, i just invented it – but u may have it)


  2. Fitness Diva Says:

    Pilar’s stomach IS sick! Gotta give it to the girl!
    And she’s the prettiest athlete’s wife I’ve ever seen!
    Go ahead, Deion and Pilar!

  3. booroe Says:

    I love Pilar Sanders, she is very pretty and she has a pleasant deamonor. Deon picked a good wife, she appears to also be a great step mom.

    I know that God brought those two together, they seem to click like a clock.

  4. booroe Says:

    Her stomach is sick! how in the world did she flex back into shape like that. Pilar if you are reading this please give me your secrete.

  5. Kay Says:

    It seems that Pilar has changed quite a bite from the spiritually dyamnic woman back in 2000 to a cussing little show all out there kinda girl. The show is a little disheartning in that they seems so worldly. Dieon has such a great testimony and I know Bishop Jakes helped him become a better person by leading him to healing that only God could give. We like the fact that these two people are doing well. Just would like to see them behave move like Christians and not so much like money hungry look at me type of people on screen.

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