Pennsylvania or Not, Hillary Can’t Win


Look, I don’t mean to be “that guy” who says that Hillary should just go ahead and quit, because I don’t actually think anyone should have to quit, but on the rizzeal, Hillary should just go ahead and quit.

It’s quite clear that no matter what happens from here on out, that she cannot win.

Nah, that beef aint gone make the pain go away either.

I mean, at this point, Barry errr Barack has a commanding lead in pledged delegates, number of states won AND the popular vote. The only way this woman can win would be for the Superdelegates, some shit that should not and probably will not even exist past this election, to turn their backs on the will of the voters, something that would be disastrous not only for Hillary but the entire Party as a whole.

Homey, it’s OVER. You know how I know it’s over? Because Bruce Springsteen endorsed Barack.

See, you can throw down as many Irish Car Bombs you want, but if there is one thing every good white boy knows, it’s that when the Boss talks, people listen. You can’t win Hillary. And I’m not saying that like Adrien said it to Rocky in III and IV (back biting good for nothing –), this is real. YOU LITERALLY CAN’T WIN.

Hillary, you’re my girl. You’re my Senator. I had your back and voted for you twice, but baby girl, it just aint gonna happen this time. Put the shot glass down. That sniper fire was Barack votes making it rain on your candy ass. Femi-nazis stand down. Semi racist Regan Democrats stand down. Look, it’s settled. It’s Barack or nothing (also known as old mayne McCain). Hell, Governor Patterson see this shit is over. Why can’t you. Does it really matter what happens today in the Pennsylvania primary? Come on now. Done…

And yes I’ve noticed all the teased “Barack is gay” nonsense coming from Hillary/McCain. Oh yes… just wait. That’s their swift boat tactic in waiting. All today on CNN and NPR I heard the foolishness about “Barack is a wuss”… right. That and the standard Republican “Barack Obama father two black children” card they love to use. That will definitely lose him some votes in those cosmopolitan sections of the “Bible Belt“.

– Lake

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