Aww Dayum! Bizarro Hip Hop Battle


Maaaayne, this joint is so crazy. I mean, it just aint right. Not on one single solitary level. It’s one of those things you just have to see for yourself. I can’t even call Jesus to take the wheel on this one. In fact, there is no one human being, living or dead, physical or supernatural, learned or ignant, who can properly fix this problem. Dammit this is terrible.

Now see. Not nothing… I mean, not a damn thing was right with that. First off, why does the ring leader have his hands wrapped around the other boy’s neck? I aint seen shit like that since Omar was getting his illicit freak on with street thugz.

Dude’s face up top says it all. Dammit.

Warmer. Ha, I know Rosy F won’t like that, but I sure did.

Anyway, back to the “battle” itself, come on mang, there are just certain cats you don’t let get on the mic. The first dude was bad enough, but dammit, that’s when you just need a hip hop referee, case worker, nuerologist, shit, someone. All I know is that somebody is going to hell for the publication of that video and it aint me.

I know peoples who know peoples.

– Lake

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