When Keeping It Wrong Goes Wrong


Strippers, they are necessary and integral cogs in our society.  How else would men get through their relatively meaningless existences without having those completely meaningless conversations with chicks that are actively trying to rob them of their hard earned loot cakes?  Anyway, skripping is great for our society.  So great, that now everybody and their mama is getting the skripper pole installed in their crib.  I don’t really get it, why get a stripper pole at the house when you can take it directly to the lap dance?  Anyway, having a pole in the middle of your “front room” is a clear sign that you’re pretty terrible.  Apparently, God and gravity, agree. 

LOL.  If you didn’t click that, do it.  It’s like 10 seconds long and definitely worth the quick laugh.  Here’s another.

Lol.  Perfect.  And I know you dudes recognized that ole girl was faaaar more attractive under that red than we had first realized too.  See….  Gotta keep that good eye on the prize.  And please note, honey had an ice box (can’t call that bullshit a refrigerator), tv, some wild shag carpet and…..a stripper pole in her one studio apartment.  Forget Client 9, that broad probably had Nilla #46 up in there talking about, “forget the pole sweet cakes, let’s get down to business, I’ve got a night shift to pull.” 

– Lake

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2 Responses to “When Keeping It Wrong Goes Wrong”

  1. Kam Says:

    Ouch….heres the one you should have posted though:

    Allah: 1

    Arab stripper: 0

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    Kam, we already did post that one. I can’t find it on my own site, Brock posted it, but we’re up on it. That snug fitting bra piece is the heat. Great finish…

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