Rudy Continues to Keep It Real


No matter how many times I see the before and after images of lil Rudy, I’m still impressed.

Who would have thought that our precious little Rudy would have grown up to look like this?

Damn, even young Peter has to stand up and recognize that front game.  Anyway, I’m happy for the girl.  Because as any true Cosby fan knows, things weren’t always looking so bright for young Ms. Huxtable.  Let’s face it, once they brought Raven Symone in, most of us thought Rudy was pretty much washed up. 

Even the Cos couldn’t mess with that look.

I think it goes without saying that he didn’t get it.  Like many of us, he figured that Rudy would end up looking more like this: 

Than this: 


Damn, that one spoke to me a little bit.  I feel like I learned a few things about her right here.  Wow.  Anyway, if you think I just wanted to show Rudy’s J’s, wait and lovely face game, you’re right.  I did.  Hey, I give respect where respeck is due and I appreciate a child star who can make that transition from lil Rudy to New Day Rudy.  Of course, everything isn’t perfect, but it never can be.  I don’t know, call me an asshole, but Lil Rudy could stand to do a few squat thrusts, lunges and leg lifts, don’t ya think?

Damn, that’s almost negative.  Jeans just aren’t her thing.  I’ve always thought that less ass should be housed in less gear.  It all just confuses the eye.  I mean, we’ve got a serious ass problem above, but watch this:

See, ass problem nearly averted.  Not completely, but this is a passing picture.  B- in all.  The one above is a D- and we all know, you can only get two D’s before we start issuing F’s on dat Izzass.  All in all though, she gets a solid A- from me.  I appreciate it.  You’ve got to.  First she gave me this:

Which I loved like love itself.  Then she gave me dis:

Which I love even more.  I’m a happy man. 

– Lake

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One Response to “Rudy Continues to Keep It Real”

  1. allen Says:

    she is beautiful young lady. go on girl and get what you need!!!! you are the bomb. very smart and versatile. be happy. when they stop talking about you then you be concerned.

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