Man Up Monday: Brad Daughetry


Now that the NBA Playoffs are on, I’m watching even more ESPN than normal. (Is that possible?) So all the networks have their A-Team rolled out for coverage. I’m watching Sportscenter and see this man on screen.

That’s right, Brad Daughterty. The Number 1 draft pick in 1986 to the Cleveland Cavs. Five time all-star. Career 19 and 9 guy. Solid, solid player. So I’m expecting some in depth analysis of the big men in the hunt for the championship, but nooooooo, all of a sudden we’re talking about the Road Track at Talladega or wherever the hell NASCAR was racing this weekend. NASCAR? Seven foot tall Brad Daugherty is the NASCAR correspondent?

How did this go down?

Hey Brad, you want to work for ESPN?

Yeah? Great. Ummmmmm, we need you to cover NASCAR.

I feel you Brad. That is why you should have manned on up and said. F That! I’m not doing it. So here’s what I want you to do. Head to Bristol, Connecticut. Go find whoever gave you this crazy ass assignment. raised your right hand up as high as you can (it should be right around 9 feet in the air) and slap the shit out of that dude Then report directly to the Cavs-Wizards game tonight at 7.



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3 Responses to “Man Up Monday: Brad Daughetry”

  1. Kam Says:

    Sorry Brock , I gotta stand up for the homie on this one, even when dude was in the league, he had some kind of sick fetish (yeah you can use that when it comes to Nascar and porn) He was owning racing cars, teams all that, I think his love of racing even helped dude exit the league faster so he could do it full time, so ESPN gets a pass on this one!!

  2. Buccaneer_9 Says:

    Yeah, Brock Big Bad Brad has been doing his NASCAR thizzle for a minute now. Dude is a huge NASCAR fan/honk and that ESPN job is right up his alley.

  3. otis Says:

    yeah hes outta place and probably cant fit in the car but he been on there for a minute

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