Classically Terrible: Timmy T – One More Try


When I was a kid, I watched a hell of a lot of tv (right, I know, shocking). And anyone who remembers early cable knows that for a kid, there just wasn’t much out there to watch. I mean, after you watched the Thundercats, He-Man, She-Rah (no homo), Jem (lo, homo) and GI Joe, there wasn’t much out there. Ok, they still had (and I still watched) Transformers and Voltron, too. But once you watched all that shit, you had only one place to go: Videos. Videos on Mtv and Videos on VH1. When they played that crazy hair band rock mess on MTV (Van Halen, Jump anyone?), I switched it over to bitchy VH1.

That’s about as hard as you’ll ever see Bolton by the way. 

Anyway, that’s where I got songs like this. Yes, the eternally bitchy “One More Time” by Timmy T. If it’s so terrible, and believe me it is, then why do I know the words to the chorus by heart?

Daaayum, that shit is classic! He’s got the Chess King double breasted suit, the wild mustard mock turtle neck, the tight ass acid wash jeans, the rolled up short sleeves on that ambiguous tee and of course, the smooth feathered-out, Prell body enhancing mullet. Let me just ask the late 80’s and early 90’s video makers a question: When you watch back these old videos, why do all of the so called “hot chicks” from those videos look beer goggle bench warmers?

Maybe it’s because they’ve got too much clothes on. Yeah, that’s probably it. Anyway, can you tell that I haven’t posted in a minute? I just wrote a bunch of total bs about a terrible ass Timmy T, song. Oh yes, I’m finally out from up under (I said it) Tax Day. Gotta keep Sam off Lake’s money…

– Lake

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