What Makes Dick Cheney Happy?


First of all, when was the last time anyone saw Dick Cheney?  Ever since he shot that dude a few years ago, I literally haven’t seen him make a speech, a public appearance, nada.  Did this dude just post up down in the bomb shelter just in case?

Anyway, when I think of Dick Cheney, this is what I usually get:

Down in Georgia (which is different from Atlanta…Atlanta is cool, Georgia ain’t for Brothers) we’d call that a mean sumbitch right there.

Anyway, this week there is a picture of Cheney from the official White House website where he looks like this:

Now that’s what we’d call “happier than a pig in shit”.  Hell a real good ol’ boy might add a “whooooo-weeeee” either immediately preceding or directly after that phrase.  Why?  Look at the glasses..not at the glasses exactly, in the glasses. Do you see titties?  I see titties!  Is that technically NSFW?  Will someone get fired for looking at a reflection of a miniture naked woman?

Daaaaaamn Tricky Dick, where the hell are you?  Plenty of cats wear stunna shades in the strip club, but you’re rocking the fleece vest and got em buck naked in broad daylight.  I like your style Dick.

Wellllllll, the White House was all over it.  They say that it isn’t a naked woman.  That he’s just fishing.  So they reverse photoshopped…uhhhhhh…posted the closeup version of the shot.

Now do you think I believe the government that can see through my windows from out space and track every phone conversation electronically can’t make a naked woman look like a hand holding a fishing rod?  Still looks like titties to me.  Of course cupcakes, mushrooms, pillows, navel oranges, melons, the top half of plastic bottles, and robot eyeballs also look like titties to me.


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One Response to “What Makes Dick Cheney Happy?”

  1. Triple_B Says:

    Trips sayin waddup.

    Now i know what you’re thinking, here comes another long rant by this alternative, obscure reference king. But no not today (saving it for later), and not for this man. I don’t have the intestinal fortitude to come out against Dick Cheney. You can just tell that he’s the type of guy that will come find you. I gotta tell you I don’t check under my bed for monsters, but i do check for Dick Cheney. But thats beside point of course that’s some “butt booty nekkid ho” reflected in those glasses.

    1. ho’s are attracted to money and power and he has both and you know it.

    And i’ll give $5 american to anyone who gets that reference (Don’t try the contest is over)

    2. Brock you’ve got a good point with happiness argument.

    If you think of the meanest bastard you have ever met. You still can’t imagine him angry in a strip club. TRUTH!

    Clearly Dicks runs em with an iron-fist. He was even able to convince his own LESBIAN daughter ( http://msnbcmedia3.msn.com/j/msnbc/Components/Photos/061206/061206_cheney_hmed_6a.hmedium.jpg this lady is not playin around she is legit) to come out against gay rights! But you can’t be the Hardcore Champion, defending the title everyday, 24/7. I say go head Dick! Take some of that war profiting, Haliiburton money, and make it rain.


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