Man Up Monday: Tiger Woods…Make it all Golfers


So some guy named Trevor Immelman won the Masters.  It was like a tree falling in the forest when no one was there to hear it…it didn’t make a sound.

First of all.  That badly tailored Green sportcoat with the gold buttons has to be the worst “trophy” in sports.  Seriously, I like my gear European cut and custom fitted, and gold buttons are a no no.  They clash with my platinum.  Anyway, how do I know Immelman doesn’t matter?   Because every sports anchor tried their best to hype up every one other than Trevor Immelman.  Until Sunday morning they even tried to talk about this guy:

I don’t even know what this guy’s name is.  Sneakerder, Snedecker…something.  Is that a Bridgestone visor?  Does he think this is Nascar?  This dude was 9 under to Immelman’s 11 under…a full four strokes ahead of everyone else and ended up finishing third.  To a guy that scored par on the last day.  Oh right, and by that guy I mean Tiger Woods.

No red shirts and big smiles today.  Tiger basically had one good day at the Masters.  The rest of the time he played par golf, and still finished second. I can’ tell if that means he’s a badass or if everyone else sucks.  Either way, when you are the baddest man on the planet you gotta finish.  Let’s be honest, golf isn’t golf without Tiger Woods.  When he was eight strokes back and it looked like he had no shot in hell, commentators resorted to actually talking about Phil Mickelson as a viable potential winner.  I loved it.  Lefty was at five under going into Saturday and someone actually said he was “just where he wanted to be”.  Yeah, if by just where he wanted to be you mean Friday with no pressure on him.  Phil might actually win a few of these things it if was always Friday.  Everyone seemed to forget that before he won his two majors he was the most notorious chokers in the history of sports.

Hey I get it, the sport isn’t that interesting and not great to watch.  Look when you are supposed to dress like this:

and you can still be good at a sport when you look like this:

You might have some problem convincing people your sport is great.  I guy that shoots a 76 on Sunday and still wins a major is just not inspiring to me.  That’s not what you call finishing strong.  Call me crazy.

Golf and all the golfers in the sport…

Man Up!


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2 Responses to “Man Up Monday: Tiger Woods…Make it all Golfers”

  1. otis Says:

    i agree cause this golf shit is ridiculous it eats up all the time on sportscenter and is a waste of time cause its the same shit over and over 3 long days of nothingness

  2. Be On It Says:

    Otis, I feel that way about golf, baseball, nascar, hockey, gymnastics, and all the other sports where I don’t get to look at muscular men in tights.

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