Silda Spitzer knew about the hoes


Of course she did.

It doesn’t excuse it, but clearly Silda knew 1. That Easy E liked to get his freak on and 2. That he was knocking down something other than her for years.

That’s the new word according to sources close to Eliot and Silda Spitzer. I’m not shocked at all. I know that for some of your naive folks out there, it’s as shocking as seeing Kaiser Sose walk straight. Wake up folks. This is what people do…Luke from Accounting is banging out Suzy from Human Resources, who is smoking tweeds on her lunch break with Zach from IT. Just because you can’t see people getting their Client 9 on, riding the white horse or f*cking for snacks, doesn’t mean it doesn’t go on. Always has, always will. But Eliot embarrassed Silda, so even must agree that it’s off with his head.

Never go against the family…Tough.

– Lake

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5 Responses to “Silda Spitzer knew about the hoes”

  1. kip Says:

    Wow, a Usual Suspects reference!
    But do you feel sorry for Silda?

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    You have to feel sorry for Silda… just have to.

  3. otis Says:

    well iono cause im sure she didnt give it up like the freak she used to be. so he stepped out lookin fo the young vajayjay

  4. DHater Says:

    Come on folks. There’s no need to feel sorry for Silda. Of course she knew (or should have known). As I said on one of the original posts, she was born to “look the other way” and ride for her man. She probably didn’t expect the full blown, Jimmy Swaggart-esque, “I have sinned against youuuuuuuuu” exposure. But she had to have known that, in the internet age, exposure is always a possibility. Respect, young grasshopper. Not pitty. Respect.

  5. Be On It Says:

    Why come she didn’t do what so many other rich women do in her position? Get an illegal (Eastern Europe maybe?), give her some BS job as nanny, etc., and keep her passport in case she starts to act up. If she loses her head, have her deported.

    Now, I do not personally advocate this type of inhumane depravity. But come on, we all know rich white people play by different rules. And she should have known ole Spitzy was not too bright to mess around with the Walmart brand escorts? A service? Please! He should have stepped his game up, paid a little more for a professional mistress, and gotten his boot knocking on in the privacy of an upper west side apartment with a chick who knew to keep her arse off Youtube & MySpace.

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