Thick Black Woman Alert: Stacey Dash


Maaaaayne, I’ve been loving Stacey Dash for DECADES!!! I remember when it was a battle between Stacey, Nia Long and Halle Berry for who could star in the most B grade black comedies of the Mo’ Money, Booty Call and Strictly Business variety.

Can anybody explain to me when this guy was in every single one of those movies, but never did much else in his acting career?

I know, I know, the Cosby Show.. not good enough. As an aside, isn’t it interesting that a cat like this who was repeatedly type casted as the out of touch, sold out, cornball black dude would end up as a “Conservative Commentator”? Uh-huh. I wonder why Joseph C. Phillips got all those ridiculous roles. Anyway, then she hooked up Clueless where she played a damn teenager clean into her 30!!! Now she’s 42 and still killing em softly with this latest King Magazine shoot.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. The lord is my shepard, he knows what I want. HELP ME!!!! Are you serious? I mean, for real, are yall seeing this? This babe is 42 and she’s still putting it down like this? My goodness. Dammit. And yes, I’m aware that she hooked up the playboy, NSFW pictures which you can find HERE… I got you fellas…. I told you that Lake was your shepard…he knows what you want!

Dammit. Beautiful does not do this babe justice. She is “the one”.. I mean, can you name ANYONE who has been that bad over that amount of time? She’s unbelievable….Oh and, her mama got ass too.

– Lake

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One Response to “Thick Black Woman Alert: Stacey Dash”

  1. RosyF Says:

    Stacey Dash is the hotness and has been killing it for decades (no lesbo). I’m happy to give her my endorsement.

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