Daaaaaamn, Not That Youtube Beatdown


I guess kids these days think it is a great idea to commit crimes and capture it on tape. Today’s feature…Kidnapping, Unlawful Restraint, Assault & Battery.

That is a real beatdown right there. Old girl just wants to leave and still catches the body blows. They are in the process of giving this chick a concussion, meanwhile that girl in the background is busy talking about “don’t break the shelves”. Nice values there. Let’s whoop that ass, but I’m not trying to catch my own beatdown when my parents get home.

In other phone camera beatdown news, a Baltimore teacher caught this beatdown last week in class. The fight kicks in at 45 seconds.

I know this is fucked up, but I thought old girl was dressed for a professional wrestling match with those tights and high boots. Seriously, she could have gotten in a leg drop, a backhand chop, a big splash or something. On the real, this chick lives in B-more, hasn’t she ever seen the wire. She’s lucky she just caught a beatdown and didn’t get rolled on by Chris and Snoop after class. Even Mr. Presbo knew better than to start some shit with the students.

Next week in “stupid shit to tape yourself doing” news…we’ll cover making your own “Girls Gone Wild” style videos and posting it on the internet. Hey kids, just like that tattoo of a butterfly you think is so cool right now…that will be out there for everyone to see forever. Got it?



Yo, on the real, I think that American Gladiators boot rocking teacher got what she deserved. She said she told ole girl she would “defend herself” and then she got worked!!! I’m sorry, but you know she didn’t say “step back student, for I will defend myself!”

You know she figured 50 err 70 pounds of J’s and spare tire, some knotty dreads, those S&M boots and a perpetual mean mug would be enough..WRONG.. WRONG. Haa She forgot about something called heart and not letting your mouth talk you into something you’re arse can’t get you out of. Incidentally, has it really come to a point when teachers are dressing like this?

Sheeyut, maybe the little girl was a member of the Department of Education’s Fashion Police. Jeez. We’ve now seen two outfits from this women, one was a She-rah S&M special with crack sprankled on top and the other was a knock off Bape ‘fit that she probably picked up in a barber shop while waiting to get that kitchen edge up (WHO GOT MORE DIVERSITY THAN LAKE? WHAT?!). Dude, no matter what the reason, the little girl that was working her over couldn’t have weighed more than 110 lbs, right? I say it was a good whoopin or as Chris Partlow once said, “It needed doing“…

Alright, alright, I’m just kidding. Even I can’t advocate little kids whoopin a teacher’s ass in school, though a few of mine could have used a little chin music if you ask me. All I’m saying is maybe she should just go ahead and shop at the Men’s Warehouse from now on and then maybe she’d garner the respek of her kids more. Ya know?

As for the lady nilla thugz in Flo-rida, that’s a virtual non story. Some how some way, they’ll figure out a how to make ole Super Middle Weight Pink Pants out to be a “victim of society” and she’ll be off with 24 months of probation as soon as her first tear drops in the courtroom. After all, she could be any of “ours” daughter, right?

Hell, those trench coat mafia fools were KILLING cats in Colorado and people acted like everyone had failed them. Like Lake A talking shit, playing first person shooters and dranking fine liquor made them do it. Pul-lease.

– Lake

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