Euros get krunk with Olympic Torch


This isn’t your standard UvT post, but I just kind of thought it was a bit interesting and kind of funny, really. I don’t know. I guess I’m just a weird cat who can find humor in anything, but this whole extinguish the Olympic flame thing is kind of funny to me.

To put that eternal Olympic flame out is great. Still, even if those tree huggers got their snuff out on, they’ve got to know that they’ll just break out some reserve flame they keep in some barometric chamber in Helsinki errr the damn van riding along side the motorcade.

Eternal Olympic Flame, please, they light the mofo with a Zippo every morning. As if anyone would know the difference if they did just spark it up… As if anyone even cares how or when it got lit.

See, that’s funny. Anyway, here’s what I saw that gave me a little chuckle about the video:

1. The Concept – There was something about seeing that Olympic torch in London, fighting for it’s “life like a candle in the wind… never knowing… who to cling to, when the hippies run in” that just makes me laugh. I mean, what a perfect prank for those hippies to pull. Can’t you just hear them during that 10 minute smoke session errrr 12 minute “activist rally” before they roll on the flame?

Thugged Hippie: You know what we should doooooo maaaaan?

(Soft hippies looking at the speaker like, “nah nilla, what?”)

Thugged Hippie: *Puff Puff, hiccup* We should put out the Olympic flame, dude. That would be narly…fucking awesome. It will make big headlines and what are they going to do? Arrest us?

(Now I must state that Thugged Hippies always talk about arrest fondly. It’s not that they’re particularly brave, it’s just that they’ve got so many drug arrests, child support orders and petty assault charges that for them, a “righteous arrest” for chicks errr Tibet is the least of their worries)

Thugged: Besides, it’s only a B Major Assault anyway (Activist Thugs always know the laws they’re about break, it’s part of their charm. They want to mouth it off to the coppers as they get dragged away)

2. The Arse Whuppin’ – Not as good as in the USA because the cops over in Euro don’t carry gats and don’t get W Bush level ignorant like ours, but is there anything funnier than some dirty, off-balanced, malnourished hippie getting stomped out by some clean, off-balanced, malnourished Euro Po Po?

I love that moment and CNN won’t run the footage without the arse kicking… As soon as they hit that pavement, I just die laughing, hit pause on my tivo and run it back.

3. The Torch Carrier Gets More Than They Bargained For – Nothing better than seeing that little girl with the torch in hand two seconds before those filthy bandits try to wrestle it away. I mean, it’s kind of fucked up actually. They don’t just let anyone roll with the torch.

Invariably that person is a cancer survivor, town spelling bee champ, past Olympian or someone’s rich kid. Anyway, I’m a low cat, so watching their piece of Olympic history, when joy and pride meet “what the fuck” and “Ohhhh, noooo” just cracks me up.

4. Unexpected Humor – There’s always something about the video that’s funny. In this particular video it’s the UK brother doing his best Kansas Jayhawk box out of the crowd/media. I don’t know, it was just comical to me. Also, seeing the less brave and committed hippies up top yelling “free Tibet,” only to start laughing after the crowd moved on. That was classic. Those Hippies don’t give a damn about Tibet. You know someone gave them those flags… it’s classic. Pretty hilarious actually. Your country is in Iraq on a bullshit war, your nation (the UK) has been responsible for chaos and despair around the globe for centuries, but YOU’RE out here protesting China’s treatment of Tibet?

I think I feel you hip.. Spark up the sweet grass and let me know when you get that good shit in from Vancover and I’m all in with whatever cause you’re taking up this week.

– Lake

One Response to “Euros get krunk with Olympic Torch”

  1. raafman Says:

    In a related story, France surrenders. You just knew if the flame was going to get put out in one city, it was going to be gay Paris.

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