Nascar Loves The Hoes


Dude, Max Mosley, the head of the FIA, which is the governing body of Formula One racing, got busted and exposed banging out 5 hookers while they all role played a Nazi concentration camp S&M sex fantasy game. Freaking crazy, peep it.

Yooo, this is so crazy that I don’t even know what to say. It’s one thing to actually get off on some Nazi hoes (which is completely wild), no check that FIVE Nazi hoes, but it’s quite another to actually video tape it! I mean, Eliot Spitzer wants to know what this cat was smoking when he put someone behind that camera.


I know, banging out Nazi hoes is not against the law in Britain, fair enough. Great country. But this cat runs a major international outfit. Just like Jimmy said in Goodfellas, there are appearances that have to be kept up. Homey is supposed to be running cars, not hoes. And yes I know that there’s a difference between Nascar, Formula One Racing, Open Wheel and all the rest, I simply don’t care. The second they stop taping Nazi hoes and whoopin ass with that leather paddle on camera (you really should watch the video), I lose interest. Besides, those “sports” are all the same.

Apparently, all this shit is racist, but down south with Nascar, they’ve got tractors, rakes and hoes.


Over there in Europe with Formula One, they just got the hoes (ok, I lifted that from Black Sheep circa ’91).

Racism, nostalgic references to genocide, paddling, hoes, cars and video tape. Yep, I think it’s officially time to book that trip to Europe. Them UK ladies have been good to a nilla.

– Lake

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