WTF? Now Taylor King is transferring?


Not that it’s a huge deal on the court, but why in the hell is Taylor King leaving Duke?


What, he’s too tall for our system or something? This makes no sense at all. What the fuck is going on in Durham? It seems like every single year a high profile player leaves. I know, I know, he must be too soft for this spotlight. Or here’s another, he’s too much of a prima donna. Seriously? If all these cats are bums with no work ethic and no heart who don’t fit into the Duke system, then why are we recruiting them in the first place?


Forget starting to be embarrassing, the state of Duke Basketball right now is NOT good and yes, some elements of it are downright terrible. Why can’t we land someone above 6-8? Why are players leaving the program every single year? Why are we losing in the first and second rounds of the NCAAs with a squad that features 8 McDonald’s All-Americans? Why do we recruit Jon Scheyer (and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Jon Scheyer) every single year. Honestly, there were 5 Jon Scheyer like players on our team to start this season, I’d prefer just one or maybe two. Not 5. Jesus.


(remember these guys?)

Fellas, PLEASE!  I implore you to add Grant Hill, Jason Williams or somebody with a fresh perspective to that coaching staff who can land competitive recruits that fit our system and want to be there competing at the highest level.  Things haven’t been right with our team since JJ and Shelden bounced. Things haven’t been dominant since Jason Williams, Duhon, Boozer, Battier and Dunleavy were balling. Let’s not kid ourselves, things are NOT ok with Duke Basketball right now.


Let’s stop fooling ourselves with talk about it just being a down time.  Look at our recruits and then look at Carolina’s recruits.  I feel like the USSR right before the fall of communism.  The handwriting is on the wall and it aint pretty.  Worst of all, a big part of the problem is that people don’t want admit that we do in fact have a problem.  It’s time to retool, change our ways and right the ship. This aint George W. Bush in Iraq, it’s Duke Basketball. We’re better than this.


New blood, fresh ideas and a new approach must be sought to make the necessary improvements. Coach K’s image is in the shatter. Homey, start doing national interviews. Start doing sideline interviews. This corporate model aint getting it done. We should be IN the final four THIS year with a freshly loaded handgun waiting at home. Elliot Williams is nice, but you can’t stop there. It should be a class full of players including Greg Monroe, Elliot and a pure point guard. Finally, isn’t it time for those assistants to get out there and make it on their own anyway. I can answer that. YES IT IS. Help. (Rant over)

– Lake

One Response to “WTF? Now Taylor King is transferring?”

  1. michael Says:

    i know how he feels i transferred schools too. you wouldnt understand

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