Sarah Larson Gives New Meaning to Bitnah in the Front Partay in the Back


George Clooney is a pimp. Stacks up sexiest man alive awards, employs himself by writing himself into his own movies, and finds a new babe about every 18 months.  Sarah Larson is his lady of the moment.  He brings her to press events.


Nice looking girl, huh?  I mean nothing spectacular, but she’s pretty.  This is part of what a man wants, bring her out, looks good, people are impressed, I’m sure she holds herself together well.  What is the rest of what a man wants , you ask?  You know the old story, lady in the streets and a freak in the bedroom.  Does Ms. Larson have that covered?  Well the evidence seems to point toward a resounding yes on that one.  Peep this:


Oh my damn.  Well props to Clooney for finding this…sand covered…ummmmm…magazine licking…ass propping in the air assuming the position…young lady.  Well, this isn’t enough for the crew here at Us Versus Them.  Longtime readers know there is one final test.  Intern, please present the evidence.


Oh well damn.  She’s got that covered too.  Fine, she’s in.  Well done Clooney.  Sarah Larson everyone…new wave UvT lady.  Lake will be looking for sex tapes any second now…


4 Responses to “Sarah Larson Gives New Meaning to Bitnah in the Front Partay in the Back”

  1. Chadwick Says:

    white girls with bootie! Me likes

  2. raafman Says:


  3. Will Says:

    nice lil onion.

  4. rabbit Says:

    Um….she’s not white.

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