Damn homey, on the Practice you were the Wo-Man homey, WTF happened to you?


Lara Flynn Boyle used to be Skeletor’s bride level hot. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support the human stick figure chick, but she did look pretty fierce in those size double zero suits she used to rock on The Practice with Bobby Donnell. But look at her now.


Man, that aint even right. I always knew that ole girl used to get some work done, but this is when keeping it plastic goes wrong. How did this happen? Damn, I’m a ill dude, but even I want to see her come out of this one. What’s that, a face lift gone horrible wrong? Dammit. And the scary thing is that her body is the same as it’s always been, so it’s just the face piece.


Not only that, but you can rest assured that she would not have come out (with make-up) if she wasn’t resigned to the fact that this is her new daily appearance. Damn, that’s a Joan Rivers special with extra hollandaise and mango salsa. Even this cat doesn’t get that.


– Lake

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2 Responses to “Damn homey, on the Practice you were the Wo-Man homey, WTF happened to you?”

  1. RosyF Says:

    Damn, Lake thats’ harsh. Maybe she has an illness that makes her face swell up.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    Maybe, but why would she be out in public looking like everything is ok? Looks like a botched face lift to me. It’s too much.

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