Say It Aint So: Did Eliot Hit This?


We all know Eliot Spitzer hit a panoply of hoes over the past couple of decades, but now the Feds are linking him to yet another prostitution ring and some are even saying her got personal service from the organization’s ring leader, Kristin “Billie” Davis.


And no, that is not some photoshopped, frosted out picture.  That’s really what this chick looks like.  I don’t get it. How do you go from smooth Ashley Dupre to this plastic looking she-he thing?


Better but still not right. I don’t get the fasination some dudes have with plastic broads. I hate the fake J, hate the bottled blond hair and definitely can’t stand the Mt. Rushmore grill piece with the 4 layers of polyurethane shellacked up on top of a gallon of liquid foundation.


Yeah, yeah, if you catch those breasts at the right angle you might think they’re tight. I get that but that face is just terrible at any angle. Her nose is Hungry Man skrong and that extra edged and etched Jaw piece is a Rumer Willis special.


Hey, I know Eliot has shown some horrible judgement, but you don’t go from hitting this:


Damn, let’s get another Ashley Dupre shot in there.


Last one:


Damn.. I can’t lie, this chick is fine. Ok, now I’ve sufficiently cleansed my palate for that horrible tranny (sorry Roxy Rose) looking babe.

– Lake

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3 Responses to “Say It Aint So: Did Eliot Hit This?”

  1. Triple_B Says:

    Now yall know that white boyz (here to forward known as WB’s or Warner Bros) luh dat shit. Some breastesses and no ass and they are in heaven. Reference “yellow fever” if you question my word. And i will admit that Ashley is fine but i have a feelin she was a little to gangsta for the Spitz. You see her friends on the Today Show. She was rolling wit some cats i wouldn’t let in the the club much less my house. Anyway i digress here. The point is WB’s are backsliding. I thought that we were making real progress with the latin explosion, J LO, SALMA!, and everybody shaking their collective bon-bons, but alas as with all facets of life, people can only be out of their comfort zone for so long.

    Give Spitz some credit he gave it shot. If he would kept up maybe eventually he’d end up with some sexy, “until now unheard of black chick” with a fledgling rap career on facebook. But let’s be real that sister would that white wife.


  2. Will Says:

    Yo thats a DUDE if i ever seen one! That is DEFINITELY the Maury Povich special. DEFFFFFINITELY. Matter fact, fukk that – ‘White Chicks’!! holla!

  3. adamogron Says:

    Damn. You’re right. Ashley Dupre is smokin’.

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