Now See This Is Why I Love Lindsay Lohan


Because even when she’s terrible (even I can admit that her face looks like a mask below), you can still find what you want.


Lordy… Those sunglasses may be smart but those breasts are stupid.  I know some of yall told me she wasn’t thick the last time I talked about it and maybe that’s true. But isn’t only partially true? I’m seeing plenty of thickness right chere.


I don’t k now about yall, well maybe it’s just me, but I start at the hip where that shirt ends and the tights start. Then I take it to the waist piece, then, well, that’s when that stellar waist to J ratio kicks in. I know, I know, her face looks about as off key as a Bulgarian Idol first rounder, believe me, I know.


Linds without “the look” in her eye.. I like it.

– Lake

One Response to “Now See This Is Why I Love Lindsay Lohan”

  1. Will Says:

    no doubt dreaming about the dils.

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