Hilarious: This Is Why Men Hate Women


Dude, I can’t imagine anything worse than proposing to a chick in public. Well, yes I can, proposing in public and then getting iced the fuck out. Well, that’s what these two losers got and boy is it funny.

Yo, on the real tip. This cat probably wasn’t even dating this chick. She’s got that Lindsay Lohan thing going on and in more ways than one. You just can’t go there unless you’ve got a strong indication of YES. This cat got what he deserved. Nothing worse than that “ummm, get up, this is embarrassing, uh, I’m leaving (bitch).” Here’s another:

Now see, that chick was just a yatch about it. You can’t just high tail it out of there, leaving that cat to look into the crowd. The best part was that “honey, honey, honey” followed by “ohhhh” after he got stoned. Perfect. Yall women aint right. These babes couldn’t fake the funk for 30 seconds? Damn… Silda (Spitzer) take the wheel.


I need a ride or die chick.

– Lake

One Response to “Hilarious: This Is Why Men Hate Women”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    Proposing in a public venue?!?!?!? Wack. I could never understand these situations, even if you knew you would come away with a “yes”. I would have to seriously question my dude’s judgment if he thought turning what should be an intimate, private moment into a publicity spectacle was a good idea. It’s a bit unsettling.

    The coldest part was T-Mac chuckling about it afterwards. Now THAT was frosty.

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