Classic Material: Doc Holliday in Tombstone


Val Kilmer is basically a garbage actor. Well, I’m kind of a bullshit movie goer to so we’re even. But I aint never seen the dude in a movie I was all that impressed it. Well, with one HUGE exception: Tombstone. It was just a great movie. My favorite line is the one about the “music lover.” Doc learns that full a good lesson.

That “I have two guns….one for each of ya” is just brilliant. It really doesn’t get any better. But Val was hot throughout the movie. Here’s a montage of other scenes. If you’ve watched the movie, then you’ll feel me.

I love Doc. Dude was just better and was a complete dick to boot. Reminds me of someone I know. Pretty sure I’m related to Holliday on my mama side or was that Rick Flair? I can’t keep up. Anyway, Doc had what all the good ones have: a ride or die woman at his side. Good stuff. I love the ladies.

– Lake

3 Responses to “Classic Material: Doc Holliday in Tombstone”

  1. raafman Says:

    Lake, you’re wandering out into dangerous territory here my dude. First you go and back Tom Cruise. Tepidly, I’ll admit, but you did give TC the sign-off. And I have to ask myself, would a brother _ever_ put it down for TC like that? Next question. Now I’m not saying that Val Kilmer is one of the film greats, like, say, Shia LaBeouf or someone like that, but can you question a man who held it DOWN in two of the greatest men’s films ever: Tombstone and HEAT? As far as I’m concerned, every actor in Heat not named DeNiro or Pacino has been riding off of that shine for the past 13 years. Free pass for life. Look at Dennis Haysbert! Look at Tom Sizemore! Plus Kilmer was Maverick and has been thugging his way through interesting roles in independent films his whole career. Dangerous territory. I’mma have to look at your film views with a red flag for an advisory period of a couple months here homie.

  2. Will Says:

    “Plus Kilmer was Maverick and has been thugging his way through interesting roles in independent films his whole career.”

    Riiiiiight…..if you’re referring to TOP GUN, Kilmer was definitely ‘ICEMAN’, bruh.

    Garbage actor??? – Val Kilmer ain’ t the BEST actor – but from the beginning (Real Genius) to the realness (Heat, Tombstone) – to eeerthing in betwen (The Doors, The Saint) – to one of THE ALL TIME classics (WILLOW! <— which ranks up there with Princess Bride — fuck ya’ll that’s classic! lol)
    dude has held down a good mix of roles in his career. Gotta count for something.

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Touché my man. You’re right on all counts. Definitely Iceman and I did appreciate him in the Doors. Don’t remember him in Heat, so that says something. I’ll let that Willow slide, this time. haa

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