The Hispanic Vote: Not Republican Anymore, Huh?


Oh I love it. Back in 2004 I always wondered why Hispanics voted for Republicans.


Viva Bush, remember? Hispanics were supposed to be voting the conservative party line because of their strong “family values” and strong Catholic faith. So here we are in 2008 and I haven’t seen one political discussion that even remotely discusses the “Hispanic Vote” as it pertains to Republicans.

Hillary is strong with Hispanics here, Barack has support there…McCain? Nothing. I wonder why that is?

Ooooohhhhhh, right. Bush wanted to build a wall between the US and Mexico and said “make sure you find your ass on the other side of it” when we get done building.


Yeah, that was messed up wasn’t it? Too bad that didn’t come out until his second term. Here’s my thing, why aren’t we building the “Great Wall of Canada” too? No problem with our neighbors to the North, eh? Isn’t it obvious that the brown people of the world are always going to catch the short end of the stick here in America? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go out like Jeramiah Wright on this one, but everything is just a little bit harder for us. Well, whatever it took mi hombres, glad to have you on the squad. It is about time you saw the light. I know you are still Hillary supporters…can’t come all the way over to the right side all at once, but we’ll take you anyway.

Now if we could just convince poor white people that Republicans aren’t looking out for them we’d be heading in the right direction.


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2 Responses to “The Hispanic Vote: Not Republican Anymore, Huh?”

  1. Be On It Says:

    Oh please. The immigration laws clearly favor illegal immigrants, particularly immigrants from certain coountries. If they didn’t want certain brown people to come, they would cease the abundant public assistance available to immigrants, mandatory bi-lingual eduations, wet-foot/dry foot policies, etc. etc.

    I’m pro-immigration (because some countires have horrible social, economic and political conditions) and favor comprehensive immigration reform, but I want it to be equitable for all immigrants, not just those that feed cheap labor into certain industries.

  2. Christina Says:

    Ok, Brock. So while racism is coming to play in the whole immigration debate, there are very legitimate issues with the massive influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico. Yeah, the wall idea is sort of ridiculously stupid but you don’t counter that with “why not Canada.” No Canadians are running to the States to work for less than minimum wage. Better welfare, healthcare, regulated university tuition (~$5k), etc. And honestly, illegal immigration is a huge problem. It stresses social programs (neither these people nor the people who EMPLOY THEM) are paying adequate taxes), it distorts the economy, it facilitates exploitation, it limits the number of legal immigrants allowed into the country, its just bad news. It should be stopped. The US is the only first world country that borders a third world country.

    Now, if parties put together a good plan of cracking down on all those people that employ the 10 million or so illegal immigrants for less than minimum wage that would help stop the huge flow of immigrants into the country and also punish a lot of the people who should be punished: the rich who profit off of the modern day equivalent of slave labour. There seems to be this idea that illegal immigrants are breaking the law twice: coming here illegally and then agreeing to be paid less than minimum wage. Yeah, sure, the first is definitely illegal. But the second burden lies solely on the plantation/factory owners and people who employ these iis as domestics. The government already allows you to employ people from other countries for less than minimum wage. Its called guest worker programs. Except you have to treat people with more dignity and go by basic labour laws so, you know, not as fun.

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