Man Up Monday: Duke Blue Devils


Oh hell no. You all know I didn’t want to do this, but this weeks man up Monday goes out to the Duke Blue Devils. I was watching the game on Saturday as our lead slipped away, then I looked up with about 4 minutes to go and we had 49 points…49 POINTS. I guess the three ball wasn’t falling huh fellas?


I know, I know I feel the same way. Hey Coach K, this summer I’m gonna need you to work on something. I want you to hit the recruiting trail, I need you to take a tape measure with you. When you walk into a young man’s home, I want you to extend the tape measure out to 6 feet 10 inches. Hold it up, if the young man is not taller than that tape measure, turn around, and walk out of that house. Repeat until you have success at least two times.


What happened to this dude?

Well, another Duke season over. I feel bad because I actually had Duke losing to West Virginia in my bracket (you gotta clip ’em early before the emotion runs away from you). At least Georgetown lost too to soften the blow and avoid making us the only top team to get clipped. Here’s the real problem, with all the basketball I watched, no one rolls with a more melanin deficient squad than the Duke Blue Devils. I hear playing old school basketball, but not that old school. In fact, in a UvT exclusive, I’ve got a picture of our 2008 recruiting class.



Duke Blue Devils. Get a big man. Recruit some brothers. Get in the weight room this summer and…Man UP!


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2 Responses to “Man Up Monday: Duke Blue Devils”

  1. raafman Says:

    You said it, so I don’t have to. Quietly, though, I find myself rooting for white dudes in basketball — underdogs, you know?

  2. Be On It Says:

    I will have it be known that this is the first Duke squad w/o one attractive guy on it that has failed to reach the Elite 8. I must revise my theory. Wait… that requires me actually watching basketball. Dang, I guess I’ll just wait out the months until football season.

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