Terrible: Duke Goes Out The Back Door Like Some Punks


Dude, that game was painful to watch. 


All I can say is whatever criticism all you “Dook Fans” (and by that I mean yall haters who know more about Duke than your own teams) have for us, I won’t quarrell with you.  That loss was unacceptable and embarrassing.  I can’t believe that we went out like that.  We’re in mourning over here at UvT.  Not sure about Brock, but as of now, I’m calling in sick tomorrow in protest.  Out of respek for West Virginia, I’ll play the John Denver classic, Take Me Home Country Roads…. he sings so fine don’t you agree?

Told yall I was a white dude. 

Lo Duke

– Lake

2 Responses to “Terrible: Duke Goes Out The Back Door Like Some Punks”

  1. liz Says:

    Duke fan here – I was at the game on Saturday (siiiiigh) & the WVU band never played any John Denver (which I was sooo looking forward to), but they did play ‘House of the Rising Sun’. Which is about a whorehouse in New Orleans. Interesting.

  2. jacob Says:

    Duke really let me down this year. luckily this site never lets me down.. great song. West Virginia sucks.

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