Mo Money


Tax season is coming and when you stack paper like me and Lake you know you need some outside help to make sure things go smoothly. Here at Us Versus Them, we want to make sure you have access to only the finest services available.

Oh damn. Seriously, what the hell are they selling here? Is that really for tax services? Do people think it is better if your accountant (you have to assume that at least one of these guys is an accountant…right?) drives yachts and Ferrari’s? Fine all of that aside what was up with the dude that “got some bathing apes” on the beach?

And i’s not just for the fellas the ladies can get some too.

And the moral of this story is, if you can’t get your hair done and drive a busted car, you can hit up Mo Money taxes and head straight to the Lexus dealership…apparently you shouldn’t forget your Master P CD.

Once again it’s on…and I got the Hook UP….UHHHHHHHHHH!

and I’m rollin’

The sad thing is that people will watch that and think it is actually a good idea.



LOL.. That’s fucking hilarious. I especially like the different marketing schemes based on demographics. Ha. Men want bling and babes, women want pretty hair. Not sure why, but there’s something about a hair salon that just makes me laugh off the top.  That high ponytail signifying chaos in one’s life…regrettable every time.  Haven’t seen that since college, though it was usually covered up by some dingy, broke ass, sittin on high hat piece.

– Lake

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