Rihanna got more thigh than KFC?


We all know Rihanna’s arse piece has basically been put into that witness protection program. But I can’t lie, these thighs are looking like a Popeye’s dinner special with Red Beans and Rice.


And let’s be clear, that is the perfect angle to just take it all in (go where you want with that). I mean, having the thunder that Ginuwine talked about is only half the equation. Those thighs are looking fairly useful. It’s a rare bird, but sometimes chicks can come with the pencil leg with the exploding arse piece.


But a phenomenon that’s achieved far less attention has to be that skrong thigh moving into the receding tail game. I don’t know, maybe it’s the garter belts or those random leggings I have no use for, but that shot is the most intriguing Rih Rih joint I’ve seen since this one.


Damn, that now you see me, now you don’t arse is baffling. Hey, I know it’s just the dress…has to be, right? I never liked these female illusionist. Keep it honest ladies.. Like Kim K, now that’s some honesty a nilla can live with…lol. Don’t hate.

– Lake


Lake, now I told you back in Assology 102: Rihanna, that she doesn’t tuck it back in.  Here’s the thing…the more I think about it, it might not be a bad thing.  Like you said, the thighs might be thick.  And who is going to say they don’t like thick thighs…not me…I know you wouldn’t bet your fur coat on it.  Look I like a butt crease in my tail piece, but I’d rather take a big booty that tucks into some thighs that are a little too skrong than a negative arse.  Rihanna doesn’t have the “Milian Golden Ratio“, but she can play with Lil’ Brock anytime.

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7 Responses to “Rihanna got more thigh than KFC?”

  1. Be On It Says:


    If it aint real, it ain’t real, that don’t mean that I’m hatin. (Borrowing phraseology from Common, Like Water for Chocolate CD. Can’t remember the song, because my ex-boyfriends steal my cds. Can’t a sista have great taste in music w/o getting highjacked?)

  2. KIR in NV Says:

    @ Brock:

    Can you call it Brock Jr? Whenever I see you refer to Lil’ Brock, it leaves me with a negative mental image that’s hard to shake. And I know it’s prolly not an accurate image at that so let us know what you’re working with playboy.

    @ Be:

    Girlfriend, who are these stalker / thief / XXXL-pipe brothas you roll with?!?!? You got game so cut these busters loose and get the upgrade (except the 3X tool guy cuz you might need to hit that at some point – keep baby on standby just in case). Don’t let these clowns flip the script and take your stuff. That’s not how it’s supposed to work.

  3. RosyF Says:

    Prof. Hardon where did you get you assology degree from the Univ. of Phoenix? Like I said in my previous comment which UvT failed to address “…you are being very generous on that triple tuck. Lake has been partial to Ms. Milian and I accept she has something going – skin and hair look good. But clearly the heels and that one leg pose is giving her the illusion of a passing grade here. Prof. Hardon this is plagerism! No hater, Lake, she can have extra credit.” Sheeeeit my hamstrings are sturdy why don’t you just call it the RosyF standard.

  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    If you want us to judge your hamstring game, kindly send in 4 angles, left, right, front angle and from the back (as seen above). we’ll place it in the archives and take it into consideration for our “women of UvT” calendar we’re putting together. How many diamonds does that hammy game get you? ha Milian is very tight…analysis of her parts is virtually fruitless…accept for that apple bottom of course.

  5. Be On It Says:

    @ KIR

    Haaaa! I hear you girl! My problem is I used to cook, set up house real nice so bruhs always knew where they could watch a game, get a meal, and chill. That led to them getting real comfortable, and hence the co-mingling of property, and the subsequent thievery because they didn’t want to admit that I had superior tastes. Plus, I subscribe to the philosophy that once I stop dealing with you, you need to not exist. I can get another CD. Heck, I can get another dude to buy me the CD.

    The XXXL tool guy was too far outside my upper specification limits, so I was not even going to abuse my body like that. Yes, I’m a tall slim girl, and we’re supposed to be able to handle more, but I am not too proud to admit when I have met my match. Plus, dude has gotten a lil fat now, and I am not a chubby chaser.

  6. Tits McGee Says:

    Rihanna left her nips all out there http://wwtdd.com/post.phtml?pk=10051

  7. industryfinest Says:

    interesting post!

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