Mel B. Gets Her Butterface On


I know these pictures are a few days old and fairly insignificant in the grand scheme or things, but I just can’t get enough of Mel B. post baby body.


I mean, I can’t wrap my mind around how this chick bounces back the way she does. It’s no wonder that she keeps a man around. That body is sick. Sadly, equally sick is that dome, but for other reasons.


Yikes!!!! Damn, that everything looks good but-her-face never rang more true. Baby girl, you need to adopt a little bit of that 50 Cent mentality on this sun exposure. Get a tan, I’m already black, thick I’m already that.


It’s not that you don’t look hot with a little sun kiss, because I’m sure you do, but that grill piece can’t take any more sandblasting or it just might fall off. Can you imagine how this babe’s body looked before she had those two kids? Wow. I wonder if those J’s are nature’s best?


Can’t be..can they? Damn.

– Lake


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