Sex Tape and the City


UPDATE:  Check out what Kristin’s camp has to say about the alleged sex tape and get the link for the new pictures right HERE.

Anyone who watched “Sex and The City” knows that at times, Charlotte was pretty much a hizzoe.


She’s working that dress though.

Remember during the first episode when she was propositioned about whether she’d give up the back door with her only reasonable objection coming in the form of “I’m not a hole, what is this, I went to Smith!”…. Exactly. Smith indeed, which is why ole boy was trying to go back door because he knows how wild those all girls school chicks can be (Wellesley, we see ya)! What about the time she was that terrible rock star’s groupie? I think he hit in the limo or something, right?


Damn, I guess Kristin Davis isn’t Charlotte, because C would have never given up the see-through J with the spread leg to boot. Wow, I really liked that more than I thought I would.


Anyway, Charlotte was the most prim and proper babe within the crew, but on the low, she was also the biggest freak. Who could forget, after all, that true-to-life and painted to scale cavernous vagina artwork ole boy hooked up in honor of her. Anyway, Kristin Davis always said that she was much wilder and free-spirited than Charlotte. Well, clearly she wasn’t lying because just in time for the pub surrounding the Sex and The City Movie is the pub around this Kristin Davis aka Charlotte York sex tape! And from the looks of if, Schooner (also known as the world’s worst phallic symbol) isn’t even bothering to worry about Rebecca (shouts to Be On It). Check out this alleged screen cap from the tape that’s supposedly being shopped around right now:


Daaaaayum homey. And yes, you’re seeing precisely what you think you’re seeing. And if you want to get real deal uncensored, NSFW joint, you know Lake n Bake has it. Aint peeped it myself of course, don’t recommend you do, but it’s right HERE in case you feel like you just gotta get that real deal peep for yourself. And supposedly there are more screencaps coming right HERE.

I know, I know, it’s not Kristin, just a babe who looks EXACTLY like her. Hey, in my estimation, at least 50% of these Hollywood stars have a sex tape out there somewhere, why not Charlotte?


Damn, didn’t know Ms. McDougal could bring it like that. Now see, this is a perfect example of why women don’t need to upgrade that J into a higher cup. Just work what you got and everything will blend in perfectly. Kristin looks great by the way and Trey couldn’t hit…terrible.

Besides, on account that she was by far the most hittable chick within the group, I choose to believe this tape is authentic until I learn otherwise. I can only assume that the hottness disparity is even more stark now that the Golden Girls have been on the shelf for a clean 5 or so years. Let’s face it, they were getting a bit long in the tooth even back when…


I know, I know, what kind of man watches Sex and The City, but talks tough on all these other topics? I’ll tell you who, the kind of dude who has range and thus, has consistently been able to target and slay assorted tail since cats referred to it as “hittin skins” back in the days of yore…that’s who.

– Lake

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2 Responses to “Sex Tape and the City”

  1. Be On It Says:

    I got a shout out! Yeeeeaaaaah!

  2. KIR in NV Says:

    @ Be:

    Lake and Brock know how to take care of their ladies!

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