Because We Can: Christina Milian


With all the politics and reality shows that have been hitting UvT lately, I figured I had to take it back to our roots. What does that mean for your boy Brock? Checking out some pics of UvT Hall of Famer Christina Milian.


Does it get any better? Honestly. Her music career died, her movie career never really popped off, but she is fine as hell. I threw up this picture you you can peep her face game. She’s just a pretty girl and always comes to play in public…she literally never gets caught off guard looking bad. But you know the nations leading authority on Assology can’t let it stop there though, right?


I’ve got to shut it down. Look, the tail piece isn’t big, but it is locked in just right. If you can match that triple tuck in the ass, the thigh and the calf like Ms. Milian does here…you are killing the game. In fact, we’ll just go ahead and call it the Milian Golden Ratio.

Shadow got ass too.


One Response to “Because We Can: Christina Milian”

  1. RosyF Says:

    Damn Homey…not you too. Brock you are being very generous on that triple tuck. Lake has been partial to Ms. Milian and I accept she has something going – skin and hair look good. But clearly the heels and that one leg pose is giving her the illusion of a passing grade here. Prof. Hardon this is plagerism! No hater, Lake, she can have extra credit.

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