UvT Asia: Edison Chen strikes again


Hey, I’m sure to people who actually follow Hong Kong gossip this is nothing new, but I just learned that my man, Edison Chen, slayed yet another actress/model, Maggie Q and then put it on film. Yes, ole Eddie has a sex tape out there with this bad American actress laying on her back catching the business.


Dude, this cat must be the meanest ladies man ever.


That’s right, put em in the scopes and knock ’em down Eddie. Look at this babe, she’s ridiculous and she aint shy neither:


And she’s in and out and agile with her flow (2nd Round Knock Out reference, don’t ask why these things pop into my head, but just know that when they do, I go listen to the entire joint) . I mean, she can really change up her look. Peep the blond version.


Now take it back to basics.


Those hot ass peppers are talking to a nilla. Damn, that’s pretty much flawless right there. Anyway, I don’t really think anybody can mess with my girl Sun from Lost, but this babe is knockin’ on the door like Hillary is doing Barack.


I do have that soft spot for Sun though.


Oh yes.

– Lake Tzu

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