Standing Tall: Much Respect to Silda Wall Spitzer


Now that Elliot is done, it’s interesting to look at some of the satellite issues surrounding this scandal. One I’d like to raise is how strong Silda Spitzer has been throughout this. Supposedly Mrs. Spitzer got word of this debacle on Friday. That means that she had the weekend to slap Elliot around, think about whatever she did or didn’t do that allowed this to occur (believe me, this ran through her mind) and get her mind right about what she was going to do. When the dust settled, there she was, right next to her man.


And if reports are true about her advice for Elliot, she was the one who told him not to be hasty in stepping down from his post. After all, she doesn’t want him to fold up like a damn beeyatch, not after all the work they’ve done building her and Elliot’s career.


I don’t know about yall, but I gotta giver her my highest respeck for doing that.


Sure, you hear some of these silly women and a few men with their skirts in a bunch on tv and radio talking about “Why doesn’t she just leave him.” As if it’s just that simple.


She aint leaving him because that’s her man and they have a life together. That’s why! Because you don’t just turn your back on your family and maybe, just maybe homeboy needs his lady right now to keep him strong.


That’s independent of what he’s done to her. There’s time for that, but these clucking chickens talking about “MEN!! Why do they do this?”


I’ll tell you why:


And this:


And definitely this:


Quite simply because they want to. And some would argue that they are just wired to. That there is nothing you can do about a man looking to hit what evolution has deemed to be fertile ass.


Now Elliot got busted and he’s got to make this right. No question and he deserves all the blame. But Silda has been strong. Silda has stood in there and taken the blows (no ho ho) and Silda is still standing tall. Gotta love a strong woman. Someone who does what she’s got to do rather than just pop off at the mouth and roll the neck at the first sign of trouble.


And on top of that, for a 51 year old woman with three teenage daughters, this Harvard Law School grad has it going on.


Much Respeck for Silda for standing tall to protect what’s her’s. And for those of you who would rather she just reflexively kick Easy E to the curb, tell me when you wake up from fantasy land. I don’t ask my dog to shit where he eats and you shouldn’t ask Silda to either. She knows what she’s doing and if you had a man worth standing up for, rather than a account and a closet full of skirts you can no longer fit into, you would to.

– Lake

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24 Responses to “Standing Tall: Much Respect to Silda Wall Spitzer”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, Lake…don’t tell me we gonna beef over THIS after all we been through?

    If Silda is looking for respeck, I’d have a lot more for her if she let her man handle his own business when this hizzoe scandal blew up in his face. But she went to the press conference, ostensibly in support of her husband and children’s father. I gotta question the wisdom in that since homey obviously wasn’t thinking about the wife and kids when he was getting at the hizzoes in the first place. Why is it that the female is always expected to take the high road in these situations?

    I don’t know what has gone down behind closed doors up at the Spitzer compound but I would hope a Harvard-educated woman would take a moment to reflect on what, exactly, her husband has done to himself, her and her family:

    1. Publically humiliated himself, and by extension, his family;
    2. Committed several crimes (allegedly) that have the feds on his jock;
    3. Basically f***ed himself out of his job – unemployed AND disgraced is sooo unappealing;
    4. Sentenced his family to the financial and public nightmare of defending himself against whatever charges the feds eventually stick on him;
    5. Etc., etc., etc.

    Let’s remember that dude did not come clean on his own. His hand was forced when he was advised that he was the subject of a federal investigation. How much you wanna bet his first phone call after this revelation was to his attorney and NOT Mrs. Spitzer?

    I don’t know about the rest of my girls living in Fantasy Land but ain’t no man “worth standing up for” who would straight up betray me like that. Maybe some chicks can work this out but not me.

    Now I need to go check out my and MySpace accounts and see if I have any plans for tonight. But since my fat azz can’t fit into my skirts anymore, maybe I’ll just eat a gallon of ice cream instead.

    (You know I still love you though, right Lake?)

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    KIR, I think the female has historically taken the high road because it’s typically been men in positions of power. Clearly that’s because of this nations storied legacy of sexism, but let’s be clear: Men are not the only ones that cheat. I wouldn’t call it progress, but as women gain more power and more highly visible roles in gov., you’ll see the same pattern in their indiscretions and the response that her family takes to them.

    Again, it’s fairly easy to say that she should shun him or not support him. But his success is inextricably linked to her own. She stays in there to support him for selfish reasons, if nothing else. She’s going to be realistic, practical and rational about the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong, I do think she should stand by her man, but I hear your disgust with this scene being played over and over again. But just realize that she may be doing that for herself and not for him. Women have known about this sort of thing since the beginning of time. Men too. Why are we shocked when it happens? Why get upset when she stays with her family, her life?

    Incidentally, KIR, you keep it real, so I’ll tell you this one. Elliot is PAID and always has been. His pops is worth like $500 Mil and he’s probably worth another hundy or so. He doesn’t need a job. Humiliating yes, but she’s already been disgraced, what does she gain from turning her coat on her life?

    Finally, KIR, you may do, but I’ve found that E-harmony gives the best results with 50 points of compatibility… ha. We’re gonna have to disagree.. Ask your grandma what she did. Ask your aunts what they did. This is real life, men will get at hoes….women too. We gotta just stop kidding ourselves about it. Do what’s in your best interest, now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta get my arse to the gym… My skinny jeans are calling a nilla.. AHNT

  3. Jaime Edwards Says:

    Quid pro quo. She aint leaving Elliot, his money, that house on 5th Ave…at least not until the girls are all out and off to college. She knew she wasn’t handling her biz in the sack. I’m sure that she was anything but surprised. Just wait, guaranteed this dude was hitting off a secretary or too. That book deal is being put together as we speak. Elliot was a john, but I bet you any money he was a pimp too. Wifey knew it…

  4. Be On It Says:

    Oh puleeze Lake! I don’t pass judgement on any woman’s decision to stay with an adulterous spouse, because she is the one who has to live with her decision. But as for the men will stay by their cheating wives? Sorry, that male-bovine-fecal matter is not flying. Our society expects boys to be boys, and men in power (or with wealth) are considered abnormal if they don’t cheat. But women are not afforded the same, ahem, freedoms. Women are supposed to be pure, virginal, exempt from rambunctious sexual desires/behaviors, stay slim and have perfect bodies, never age, never have any bodily functions outside of those that allow for the man in our lives to receive sexaul gratification. If a woman cheats, she is irreparably damaged by the ordeal, and NO ONE expects her man to stand by her. Sure, people may do it in real life, but more women stick through this kind of betrayal than the other way around. Shoot, I’ve had a guy get mad at me for dating someone who worked at the same company that we worked at AFTER we broke up because he still “claimed” me, even though we had broken up months before, he’d been “cut-off” months before that, and he didn’t have my new cell number. Men think that once they’ve planted their flag in the promised land that belongs to them from now until eternity, and that allowing another on their “property” is an act deservign of a slow, painful death. Territoriality and possessiveness must come in a higher dosage on the Y chromosome (incidentally, the gene for growing long nose hair is exclusively on the Y chromosome).

  5. KIR in NV Says:

    @ Be On It…

    This is what I’m saying. If the playing field were level, I guess I’d have less aggravation with these situations. I don’t see a lot of men turning the other cheek in similar circumstances.

    Having your wife at the inevitable press conference is such a bitch move in my book. I don’t care if she offers to be there – as a man who seriously compromised his personal integrity – any jackazz who finds himself in a similar situation should just take it like a man and fly solo at the media event.

    @ Lake…

    I’m neither shocked nor upset about the Spitzers. It plays out everyday across the USA (shrugs). It is just the way he addressed the situation that has my back up. Get it if you need it, I guess, but stay in your lane for goodness’ sake! Is it too much to ask?

    Out here where I live, we have multiple elected officials in – or on their way to – the hole for taking bribes from strip club owners. But we regulate our hizzoe industry so Easy E would have been right at home ’round these parts. Shoot, he could hook himself up with multiple wives (why any dude would want that, I have no idea) and most people wouldn’t even flinch. He should probably consider submitting his application…

    Now as far as my peeps are concerned, apparently the standard response to this situation is hard wired into our family DNA: we will give you the standard two weeks’ severance pay, a couple of plastic bags with your stuff in it and a notice letting you know that the locks and security code to the alarm system at the compound have been changed. Maybe a letter of reference if your service was exceptionally noteworthy. Then we will start interviewing replacement candidates. NEXT!!!

    Yes, we will agree to disagree – but it better not happen again. I count on you to let me know when I’m getting sideways and this has caused me immeasurable grief.

  6. Lake Arlington Says:


    Society definitely puts unrealistic expectations on women. Yes, but maybe you haven’t met these rich, sexually empowered hizzoes out here as I have. I mean, virginal isn’t exactly what they’re striving to be. Maybe on that wedding day, but rich chicks are getting head in the bathroom while they snort the bolivian marching powder.

    I try to tell my girl RosyF on here the same. It’s hard to find a good lady out here or maybe it’s just hard to find one that actually fits the false stereotype you’ve highlighted. Women cheat like shit Be… ask any dude who is banging out someone else’s wife (sad but true). There may be an extra stigma, but that doesn’t stop scandalous chicks from doing what they do.

    As for that dude, sounds like you need a temporary restraining order on his ass. Ha.. I can’t lie, once I hit and cared, I tried to lock it down.. but I did it preemptively with “the pipe” while she was loving me… Once you handle that biz, you’re pretty much always there, even when you’re not.

    The second you have to tell a babe not to kick it with someone else, you’ve already lost.

  7. Dhater Says:

    Of course Silda stuck by her man. Cats are trying too hard to find some deep meaning for something that is very simple:

    1. White women, particular upper class white women, stand by their man. In many cases, these marraiges are more about perpetuating familial wealth and status and not love, so they probably watched all of the men in their family run hoes growing up. Everything is about keeping up appearances of the perfect family – especially when the sh*t hits the fan. Silda was bred for this and I would expect nothing less.

    Even more, I just peeped that she is from the South. Rich cats in the South have been stepping out for GENERATIONS. Now, I know that she was bred for this.

    Much props to my upper-class silky-smooth white women who ride for their man to the bitter end.

    2. Eliot’s father came here dirt poor from Austria and built himself a fortune in Real Estate. You know he didn’t give his blessing to this union without an airtight prenup. E-double got himself the “Anti-Strahan Prenup”. Silda’s probably on the street with little-to-no scratch if she doesn’t ride for her man. And we know she isn’t giving up that 5th Avenue apartment to go back to being a North Carolina Baptist.

    I agree with Lake that as women grow in wealth and power, you will start to see more public scandals where they get caught out there…see Paula Zahn. But you won’t see their husbands riding for them like Silda, Hilary and countless other white women ride for their men. It is a point of pride. Dude’s gotta roll if he wants to be able to show his face around his boys ever again. It may not be fair, but it is….

  8. Lake Arlington Says:

    DHate, I can’t lie. Your words ring true to me like home. Now if you could only apply this sort of reasoning to those terrible terrapins, maybe you’d have something. What have they been bred to do? What is in Gary Williams’ nature? NIT? haaaaaaa I knew it was someone close to the fam when I read this thing, just took me a second to figure it out. Nice.

  9. lindy Says:

    Okay people…this is why polygamy works. Men get variety, women have the security of a marriage and know that not only will their husband be sleeping with other woman, it is a religious requirement. Plus, women get help from their sister wives raising their children….everybody wins. Don’t lie, you know it is true….the Muslims and Mormons have it right

  10. Hank Says:

    Lindy… technically, all religions require their wives to give up the tail to their man. Polygamy? Haven’t you watched Big Love? More women more problems and then married men would have to deal with not getting sex from multiple wives instead of just one!! The answer is crystal clear:

    A. Socially accepted mistresses like most other countries have
    B. Legalize prostitution like every single other democratic country has

    The puritans fucked this country up. These evangelicals and religious freaks with their moral talk up front, fucking whores, gay men and kids in the back room… Time for that shit to end.

    If Elliot had a side chick, none of this would have happened.

  11. RosyF Says:

    Kir and Be On you may want Lorraina Bobbit to take the wheel on this one but it’s not gonna happen. Dhater is right there is a formula for these types of couples and you had better follow the script. At first I felt some kind of way about her showing up at press conference. But then I had an aha Oprah moment. She should be up there and looking classy because we already know her husband is lo, we already know she is the victim but now we also now has backbone and composure and can’t turn her into some weeping cliche. She is gonna handle her business one way or the other. This 15min of media attention she’ll have to endure is nothing. She will bounce back. She has stood tall and will be rewarded. You best believe wealthy single, divorced, and widowed men will be hollering at her later in the Hamptons this summer. She will have options. All that burning sh*t gets you is instant gratification she is going for big O and that takes time.

    Also, any man wanting pure and virginal (to paraphrase Lake) can’t hit it right or has some wild fetishes he will be doing to his side hizzoe or even worse is gay…now that deserves a pink slip.

    Lastly, Kir a wrap dress is the way to go…can’t go wrong w/ that look.

    Be well ladies and thank you Lake for keeping it real.

  12. Hank Says:

    This chick Lindy is some kind of radical native american mormon sister wife.. damn.. Polygamy works? I’m surprised she’s got an internet connection out there on the compound. Say Hi to Roman Grant, Alby and the rest of the fam…LOL

  13. lindy Says:

    Hank…watch Big Love? Buddy I live it, I live outside of Salt Lake City and Big Love is a t.v. show. Just like ER is not what your emergency room is really like. I am not mormon, but I don’t have a problem with them. I know plenty of people who live the life. Marriage is a farce. Adults men and women should be able to fuc% whoever they want whenever they want. Marriage is done so kids feel good about themselves and you can get vision and dental. Radical native american…that’s a compliment!!!!! Like I said in other posts I ain’t white and I ain’t black and that alone makes me so thankful I know there is a God

  14. lindy Says:

    P.S. Hank pretty presumptious to say I am a woman, how do you figure? By the way when you’re on your urine soaked subway standing next to the Yuppie who makes in one week what you make in a year, make sure you say “hi” to all the Guidos, Mike O’Malley, Sanjay Guptas, DeShonte’s and all the homeless for me. Thank’s your the best. We love the knocks you make on the west, native americans and Utah in particular. The more you hate it, the more we don’t have to worry about you coming and polluting it. Have a super nice day!

  15. Hank Says:

    Lindy, I thought you were a woman because you sound like a bitch. I don’t give a damn about clown in Utah rambling about plural marriage, subways (meanwhile, I don’t live in the City fool) and whatever else Indian Power nonsense you’re talking about. I’m like 50, I get money…and unless you’re some fake pastor bilking your fellow hillbillies out of what little dough they have, I don’t want to hear you say anything about loot. Ok? Thanks for coming, but just because you’re the shortest midget at a basketball game, doesn’t mean you should bring that weak shit in here…Friends?

  16. lindy Says:

    Wow…I must have hit a nerve Hank!!! Thanks for the amusement. Now go wipe yourself.

  17. lindy Says:

    If your done wiping Hank… I have a p.s. for ya. Any 50 year old man who hangs out here is kind of pathetic. And ya get money…great, glad to hear it and you refer to women as bitches, so your enlightened. Your time has come and gone old man, you and your generation fucked up this country. Move along now, the sun has set on the old gramps

  18. Hank Says:

    Try 26 years of age, son. Go milk a cow or one of the sister wives. Thanks.

  19. lindy Says:

    Wow I am confused… are you 26, 50, 14 what is it… cause in your post your wrote and I quote…

    “I’m like 50, I get money…” make up your mind..cause you sound like ten pounds of bullshit in a five pound bag.

    Seriously, What infuriates you so much about polygamy? Live and let live, what the hell business is it of yours. If men want a mistress, great. If women like the cabana boy or their teenage son’s friend knock yourself out. If men want more than one wife, go for it and same for women (that is called polyandry for all you newbies) It makes me think a Mormon did something bad to you when you were little. Wow, for a site that worries about how blacks and whites are doing, you sure don’t seem to care that there are a lot of people in the world that do not think or look like you. That is why this country is doomed, the two major races forget there are other races and beliefs.

    The point is if you believe it is a free country, that means you live and let live. Freedom to do it how you want to. and come on….go milk a cow? Is that the best you can do.

  20. lindy Says:

    P.S. Hank, I honestly think you would not hate me in person as much as you do on paper. I am an asshole, but I do have redeeming qualities and you were right I am a woman. Actually people tell me, I am not just a bitch…I am a fucking bitch (FB) Anyway, I think we agree more than disagree. You are right traditional marriage does not work and I would rather deal with the honest and open cheaters than the lying Spitzers of the world. In all seriousness, I apologize for being an FB.

  21. KIR in NV Says:

    @ Lindy:

    I think my man Hank’s reference to being “like 50” is a shout out to Mr. Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent. Prolly doesn’t get much airplay up in SLC or Lehi or wherever you are up there.

  22. lindy Says:

    Prolly not… actually right now I am listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s version of Shawty Get Loose.

  23. Hank Says:

    Don’t hate you baby. I don’t hate on women. I just work with them or quietly step aside. Lindy, look up at the pictures of the women in this post. If you don’t closely resemble any of those honeys in any shape, form or fashion, then I don’t really think we need to be having a conversation at all. I mean, these silly games about assuming you’re a woman or not.. terrible. Trix are made for kids baby. Now I don’t know many Native Americans, but if I had a Native name, it’d definitely be Runs With Bad Hoez… I recognize that might not translate for you, but that’s ok too. Good call from K in NV on 50, I knew he/she would figure it out eventually.

  24. KIR in NV Says:

    @ Lindy:

    You can’t be for real with the “polygamy works” rhetoric, right?

    It hasn’t worked for Warren Jeffs…isn’t dude on his way to AZ now to face charges for the act he was pulling in Hildale? Talk about trying to run some hoes – that freaky mofo was pimpin’ out his own family members. He was setting these deals up and the females just had to go along with it. [Old] white dude in power gets over.

    It hasn’t worked for the Lost Boys. Funny how the elders run the young studs off the farm so the geezers can keep the young tail to themselves. [Old] white dudes in power get over.

    It didn’t play so good for Elizabeth Smart. I was happy she was found alive but as soon as I saw that Sasquatch-looking weirdo on my TV, I knew he was dropping some religous prophet revelation bs on the poor thing. Crazy [old] white dude with power gets over.

    Frankly, I’m gonna have to call bullshit on this theory until I see some evidence that shows me it isn’t just one of the bennies of being one of Joseph Smith’s bishops.

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