Photos of Elliot Spitzer’s Alleged ‘Tutes


These are a few shots of the babes Easy E allegedly banged out for upwards of 5 stacks!!! Yo, I still can’t get over that. Anyway, you tell me how much these hoes are worth.


Normally I’d say that with hoes, it’s like strippers, it’s just all about the body, but if you’re dropping 5 stacks, she better be tight from head to pink toe. Sorry, but this chick doesn’t quite make the grade. If I’m Elliot I’d hit her with a couple Arby’s gift certificates and a Baby Phat sweat suit en route to the ass tappities. No dough.


Hmmmm, I feel like Randy Jackson from last night’s Idol episode. This just isn’t doing it for me. I mean, I’m seeing absolutely nothing that screams “Make it Rain on this hoe”.. I know “Client 9” allegedly banged out an “attractive brunette” but I hope homey didn’t lose it all over this broad. Next.


Damn, this babe is bangin like a Greg Paulus 3 pointer. I’m not a proponent of pay for play Elliot style, but if you’re gonna pay for it, do it right. And this babe aint a bad start. Those lips are great, hair looks real and the overall face is very decent. I fear that there’s limited to negative ass behind those jeans, but hey, that J to waist ratio is looking very right. All I can hope is that she dyed her hair or rocked a wig while Spitz shat away his career. I mean, if you’re going to lose it all over a hoe, might as well get your money’s worth. Do I lie?

– Lake

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