This dude is the Anti-Lake


There aint much about me and this dude that’s similar. Though I must admit that this is mildly entertaining. Peep it:

And here’s the sequel.

Oh well, we can’t all dominate and be great and you can’t all rock this coat like me neither.


Aint nothing normal everyday or regular about that.

– Lake


I know you like your full length fur coats.  I just want to see how long you wear them now that it is starting to get warm outside here at UvT HQ.  How will you keep it pimpin this summer?

3 Responses to “This dude is the Anti-Lake”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    Good God Lake, where do you find this stuff?!?!?!

    I’ma hafta do a little research to see if dude is single, but I bet he isn’t (damn). What lady doesn’t want a man who’s “pretty good at making paper planes”?

    And word to the haters out there: stop with the name calling. Nobody deserves to have a “Stupid Face” dropped on them. That’s out of line. I can’t believe we still have to talk about this in ’08…didn’t we learn from the mistakes of previous generations?

    How’s your paper airplane game Lake? I bet it’s pretty tight.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    KIR, you’re down to date a YT? lol…i assume you know Be On It and she mentioned the HBCU game. Yall done flipped the script? Paper airplane game sucks.. but my BMW M5 game is tight, ya dig?

  3. KIR in NV Says:

    Baby, I’m not a hater and I don’t discriminate – at least not based on skin color. There’s just some basic criteria that have to be met. Based on your literary genius, I could probably overlook a weak paper airplane game. However, these bi, as in bicoastal, relationships are rarely successful. If I place a booty call, I can’t be waiting on your azz for 3 hours at the airport. But seriously d’oh, you might be a little too much to handle, even for me. When you’re ready to go west young man, holla…

    I don’t know my girl Be but she sounds like my sistah from another mother.

    The M5 is a nice whip but I thought everyone in the Cit-tay rode Segways, jumped on the 6 or hailed taxis (white ppl only). What’s up?

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