Classic Cube: Check Yourself & Today Was a Good Day


I grew up on the East Coast, but I always had love for Ice Cube and NWA as a youngin’.


I know, I looked real cute…still do.

This stuff is cornerstone material for Hip Hop fans. Now, this isn’t Cube’s best work, because the good stuff is so controversial that I really couldn’t put it up in good conscience. So here you have it, two true classics starting with Check Yo Self.

That video was great with that cat hitting him with that “Phone check, punk.” And maybe it’s just me, but on video, Cube just looks like Craig from Friday. That “man wait” was pretty much spot on, like when Smokey ripped Craig’s curtain. Anyway, is there anything less believable and funnier than that regressive, sideways sleeper hold Cube put ole boy after he kicked the last part of that verse? And while I have to take points off for the clean version lyrics (real deal version found HERE), I must say it’s hilarious and great all at once.

Next we have the feel good thug anthem that clearly has stood the test of time. Today Was a Good Day has too many lines to speak, so just watch it:

Even saw the lights of the Good Year Blimp and it read, “Lake A’s a Pimp”…

– Lake Cubed

2 Responses to “Classic Cube: Check Yourself & Today Was a Good Day”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    Good Day, good times. Got my UvT flow chart posted up in my office. The White People never understand it but I’ve discovered several undercover brothas / brothas from another mother with Brock and Lake’s visual aid. It’s like being a member of a secret society…if I gotta explain it, you ain’t gettin’ in. Sorry ’bout that.

  2. Katjv Says:

    thank you, man

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