Good Draws Gone Bad


You know how Lake and I do it here at Us Versus Them. We give you exactly what you want. Gotta stay up on the new ladies, give you all the fresh angles, hit you with your daily chick fix. Peep out miss Katie “Jordan” Price.


If you do a Google search on her, you will see that these pictures don’t really give justice to her J game. She’s a model and clearly knows what she’s doing. Let’s see what else she’s working with:


There’s Jordan front and center looking….oh hail naw, what the…no. Seriously? Look, I get it, everyone needs draws. Everyone deserves to be sexy. I get it. Hey number 1, sure…we can work with her. She looks like an extra swole Britney Spears. She’s still got a semi sexy pair of panties on. Number 2 looks like she might be able to bench press 135, but she at least knows how to strike the pose that makes her look best. Number 3, she is in the two dessert club, but she looks like she is down with rocking the big draws in a photo shoot. Is it just me or does number 5 look like her panties are actually loose? Number 6…looks like she may actually be pregnant for real. She’s got that pose and look in her eyes like she’s saying “If I wasn’t knocked up I’d be the baddest damn chick up here”. Now…the tail dog…running the anchor spot, making those stripper heels pay a price for leaving their box. I mean she does not look at all pleased to be there. Like she was told they were taking a trip to the Red Lobster for some cheddar biscuits and she ended up half butt naked on a stage.

Hey I’m all for socialist modeling…you know what, no I’m not. This isn’t right…just isn’t right at all. There’s a fine line between girl power and publicly humiliating the big girl. This crosses that line.


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