Old Man McCain Gets The GOP Nomination


Well, well, well.. I guess in the interest of being fair and balanced (as if that exists anywhere) we should post on John McCain’s big win tonight. The very young John Mac went ahead and finally got that 1,191 delegate count needed to secure the Republican nomination.


And then Mike Huckabee conceded. Damn. I’m going to miss ole Huck. You know, with all his “we need to change the US Constitution to fit God’s law” and all those hunting and fishing photo ops. I kinda like the old coot. Who knows, maybe we’ll get him for a VP running mate.


Then we’ll really be able to get this thing poppin’….

Until then, we’ll see the standard payback by McCain for supporting his boy Dubyah.


I would say that Americans will never fall for Dubyah Bush part 2, but I know better. Hell, these idiot Republicans will tell you Bush has been a great President. What can you do? I’m beginning to believe these differences can only be decided by a civil war where I’m quite sure we’ll beat you suckers……AGAIN!


Yeeeee Hawww!

– Lake

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