Fake Thugs Stand Up: Margaret Seltzer Exposed


I’m not sure about yall, but I find this story pretty damn funny. It seems that some 33 year old white woman, Margaret Jones Seltzer, who really goes by the name “Peggy” and rocked the Pen Name “Margaret B. Jones” completely fabricated a memoir about how she grew up in a South Central Los Angeles foster home and ran drugs for the Bloods street gang since the age of 12.


Right, it was either that or she grew up in a suburban neighborhood, with both parents and no kinds of gang contact or drug affiliation… Ha. Yo, this is so good. I mean, just look at this broad. If I just gave you this picture with no other context, I mean, the Mom’s jeans, the horrible lack of make-up, bullshit hairstyle and that garbage stoic face she’s got going, would you think this is a Blood OG or a terrible chick preparing for picnic in a couple days?


And of course it got exposed by her own sister. I mean, did this broad actually think she could get away with this? And I loved how she rocked some ridiculous street accent and peppered in the terms “OG” or “My Homies” here and there.


What a fucking joke. This babe duped Penguin Publishing, NPR, Oprah’s Magazine and countless media outlets.


I’ll refrain from my standard joke that the closest this chick ever came to the “Thug Life” was a gang bang she got in August, but I won’t, because it’s just not funny and I don’t make cheap jokes like that. Nice try, next time be smart about it, peddle your fraudulent life in the UK and then work your way back to the US…. Like my main man Ali G.


*SNAP* Keep it real..

– Lake


2 Responses to “Fake Thugs Stand Up: Margaret Seltzer Exposed”

  1. Be On It Says:

    She was able to perpetrate her fraud because the white population at large (not of course the esteemed gentleman of UvT, and the dedicated staff, as well) has no clue about inner city black life, gang culture, or even black slang. The slang in the book was too current for the alleged time/era she would have been in the gang, and the events of the book were too sensational to have happened in real life. Most importantly, no woman goes into the foster system, gets involved with gangs, and comes out without huge tacky tattoos and at least 1 child. Not trying to throw stereotypes, but I grew up in the hood, and all the girls who lived that kind of life had at least one baby from some knucklehead.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    Be On it.. I must concur.. You are on fire today kid. And yes, UvT is an equal opportunity employer..

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