Damn Homey: Hillary takes Ohio AND Texas


Wow.. I can’t say I saw this one coming, but it appears that Hilly C. is back from the dead on this Democratic Party Nomination tip.


I don’t know what to say. I guess those negative ads and pictures of Barack in foreign garb hit their mark over in Ohio and down there in Tejas. One thing I’ve learned is that these Mexicans just don’t really like black people. I mean, that’s a very broad generalization, but I never even knew they had an issue with black people. But as a result of this election, I’m just hearing plenty of the conflict between black and brown out there in Cali and down there in Texas and a general claim that the vast majority of these Latino voters want no part of Barack Obama.


Who knew? Hispanics and blacks have gotten along so famously in the North East, but I guess those are Latinos from different spots.


Damn, I truly appreciate that Hola Papi lean on that mamacita on the far right there…The face is a little fuerte, but the ropa is poquito, so all is bien my dudes… And that thigh piece?  It’s like my man Brockozito Hardonez told me this morning over by the single cup coffee machine:  “Arroz con pollo mi blanco, mucho pollo!!!”

Well, no matter how you slice it, the plot has officially thickened. I actually don’t think Hillary can win it from a pure Math standpoint, but she can certainly bloody up Obama.


I can tell you this, if Hillary does win and that’s a HUGE if because it would require a change of heart from a bunch of Super Delegates, but if she does, she’s toast in the general election.


Point blank, all these radical Barack lovers will not come out and support her. Moreover, the black electorate will, rightly or wrongly, smell a rat and not come out in support of her either and she simply can’t win without the black vote. Oh yes, this is a win for Hillary, but ultimately, she’s really already lost. I mean, she was built for front-running, not as a spoiler.

Now shit is just all fucked up and it’s going to get even worse now that McCain can just sit back, bank some loot and change his bladder bag.


Democrats need to really decide who has the best chance of winning in this general election and just go with that horse. All they can do is ruin it for whoever the nominee will be. I still say it will be Barack..sheyut, it better be Barack lest we have George W. 2.0 running around the West Wing.. Ugly.

– Lake

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