Brady Quinn: Break Out the Vaseline


You know Brady Quinn is one of your favorite guys here at Us Versus Them. By “favorite guy”, I mean favorite guy to ridicule, favorite guy to point out as overrated, favorite guy to watch slide down the draft board, and favorite guy to look up on Google for pictures like this:


Brady can’t throw,

and the Browns know,

so Brady gets lo, lo, lo lo, lo, lo….

Anyway, for those who haven’t heard, the Browns are negotiating hard to re-up with Derek Anderson as their starting QB. They’ve already got a $20 million dollar deal on the table. Brady, in case you still haven’t realized. you are not hot. That means you aren’t going to be the main focus of the Brown and Orange for a long, long time.

Seriously, even if Anderson gets hurt, when you are paying someone that much, there is no way to steal their job. Forget being Brett Favre, you just became Elvis Grbac. So Brady, when the team is out playing on the field, where will you be sitting?


Don’t worry, they’ll keep the bench warm and the Gatorade cold.


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5 Responses to “Brady Quinn: Break Out the Vaseline”

  1. TheNaturalMevs Says:

    Hey Brock: Get fucked!

    What you know about the NFL couldn’t fill a short book, dipshit.

    Nice pictures…. we’ve never seen those before.

  2. Brock Hardon Says:

    Let’s see what I didn’t know about the NFL in this post…

    Hmmmmmmm…Derek Anderson is the starting QB of the Browns: Correct!
    Derek Anderson just got offered a $20 Million Contract: Correct!
    Brady Quinn thought he was the best player in the country and was broadcast on national TV last year as his hopes and dreams were dashed for 2 hours: Correct!
    Brady Quinn took 8 snaps last year after trying to hold out for a contract on par with people who actually got taken in the top 5: Correct!
    Brady Quinn will be sitting on the bench next year: Correct!
    Natural Mevs will still come back to UvT even though he wants Brock to get fucked: Correct!
    Have you ever seen this picture before?

  3. brady > you Says:

    brady quinn is a multi millionaire and all he is currently required to do at his job is prepare to play, but not actually take the beatings yet… how much money do you make? enjoy working your whole life trying to bring down those who will never care enough about your opinion to even know your name

  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    it’s fair to say that brady has more money. lord knows we value dough. i guess i can just take solace in knowing that i definitely have more money than the author of that post. lol…

  5. Brock Hardon Says:

    I don’t think Brady has more loot than me. I actually worked for mine too. We had to shut down the Brady Watch because no one wanted to watch him drinking Gatorade and holding a clipboard on the sideline.

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